When there is summer round the corner, people are all set to hit their air conditioner maintenance plans, as proper servicing ensures that they are able to perform their best even during the peak months of the year. But, this is where an important question arises: how often should you hire a professional for air conditioning service Spring, TX? The answer to this question may not be that straightforward, as it is based on a wide range of factors.

The key considerations that you need to make before deciding how frequent the maintenance services should be are:

  • Age of the unit: Is the AC brand new or have you been using it for quite a long time? A general rule is that new air conditioning systems that are installed to perfection do not need maintenance every now and then, while the same cannot be guaranteed with older versions that at times are based on outdated systems.


  • Your usage: Do you use the AC only during summers or every now and then? The usage is another critical factor that determines the need of maintenance and AC repair Spring, TX. Therefore, if you utilize the system too often then chances are it would require professional services too.


  • Prone to damage: Those systems that are prone to damage must be inspected by professionals in a timely manner. With this they will be able to trace minor condition before it takes the shape of a major problem.

Things To Expect From Air Conditioning Services

If you are planning to go for regular maintenance or AC repair in Spring TX then the contractor would have a look at the:

  • Refrigerant levels of the system and inspect leaks (with the help of a detector)
  • Leakage in the ducts and seal them in the indoor or outdoor system
  • Measure whether the airflow is optimal in the air conditioning unit or not
  • Verify the electrical sensors and controls, to ensure that they are working the way they should
  • Tighten and clean the different electrical connections that are made with the system
  • Lubricate the various parts and check for signs of wear or tightness
  • Thermostat is at its best condition and is functioning in an accurate way

In case of repairs, a good practice is to ask the contractor about the reason that led to air conditioning repair spring tx, expenses that will be involved and will the problem occur once again or not. Because only with the services of reputable professional, you can make sure that AC performs in an efficient way throughout its lifespan.

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