How much neat and clean your floor is very important than how attractive your carpet or how precious stone you have used on your floor. Cleaning floor is not only an urgent matter; these have threads and where all unhealthy viruses can hide.

Whenever we walk across a rug, we have bare feet or slipper/ shoes. There is no doubt that vacuuming helps reduce dirt but this only deal with loose soil. So you are required to deep clean your carpet by wash it for a hygienic environment.

But it is not possible to run a complete cleaning process frequently. For resolving this problem, we can vacuum our floors regularly.

Vacuum Frequently Depending on Your Floor Type
It is always an essential question of how often I should vacuum my floor. Whenever you have a personal floor vacuum cleaner, you can do it frequently. But who wants to do excess work? So here is the guideline based on floor types.

Whenever Your Floor Made of Hardwood or Tiles

Cleaning tiles floor or hardwood floor weekly with a vacuum cleaner is enough. These types of the floor usually don’t hold dust and dirt. So there is very little chance to contain bacteria as carpet floors do. You know what the reasons are. Tiles or hardwood floors are flat and hard. We recommend vacuuming because of the grout. Tiles grout hold bacteria. But weekly cleaning is enough to remove these allergens, bacteria, dust, etc.

Vacuum Carpet Floors

Probably carpet holds dust, dirt, stain, bacteria most among all type floors. That’s why it needs frequently vacuuming. We have liked to clean a carpeted floor twice or thrice in a week. Carpet fibers hold dust and allergens. These absorbed grime and spills carelessly impact on our room weather. Whenever your carpet floor remains dirty for several weeks, the fragrance will badly change. So for keeping the environment safe, we have to vacuum it frequently.

Is Vacuuming Enough?

Frequent vacuuming is an excellent way to get clear of surface dirt from carpets. But this is not enough and appropriate for deep clean. Even all the manufacturers of carpet recommended for cleaning the carpet in every 12 to 15 month. Generally, we all vacuum our carpet to avoid a heavy duty and reduce cleaning cost.
Note: Though vacuuming is not enough to clear a carpet properly, for understanding why a vacuum cleaner is not enough; you need to find out what is hiding on those fibers of our carpets.

How Much Will Cost to Having Professional Floor Cleaner?

Floor cleaner price depends on its quality and features. There are lots of carpets cleaner only can clean carpet but don’t remove stains. These carpet cleaners are cheap. Cleaning experts are recommended having a commercial carpet extractor which can remove pet stain and odors.

Pro Tips: Do you like individual cleaning machine for a different type of floors? We don’t think so. That’s why buy a pro device, which can clean all kind of level including carpet floor, hardwood floor, tiles floor, etc.

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