There are so many countries spread across various continents in the entire world. Each of these countries differ in the culture, language, dresses, food habits still there is always a link between the countries. There are various media for communication which are used to know about the various events happening around us and in the places far away. These media are-

To get the India news in various rural parts of the country, newspapers and the radio are the media chosen. There are places where people have not got proper education but when information is broadcasted on the radio in the regional language or Hindi they can grasp it. Similarly the people from the various African countries would like to get Africa news and the people from Asia continent would like to know about the Asia news in details.

The economy of one country is dependent on the other and the world peace can be attained when the counties have very good relation in terms of politics and economy with each other. The news from various spheres of life is liked by the common people as different people take interest in different things. People like to know the news from-
Foreign Relation

India is one of the important countries of Asia continent so India news is welcome to not only the Indians but to the citizens of India living in other countries. India being a part of Asia, the people like to know about the Asia news as this has direct effect on their economical and social systems. There are many people who travel to African, European and Middle East countries for the purpose of business or travel would definitely like to know about Africa News or news from the otherworld so that their journey is safe, this is why the growth of news media is on high in the international levels as well.

The Indian news channels telecast the Indian news from the different parts of the country but they do keep different slots like sports news, world news, movie hour etc. where they provide information of specific type. The media houses are not only having different groups to help in collecting world news like Africa news or Asia news to get us satisfied with their services always.

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