Many have turned to using online social networks as a part of their business development strategy and for good reason! Marketers have come to recognize that social networking online is a very effective strategy in terms of growing a solid foundation for their businesses!

Here are 3 important components every internet business development strategy needs that can be supplied when using these sites!

Link Building

One of the things social sites can do for any internet business is to build links with other individuals and organizations! Having incoming links from an assortment of origins on the internet helps boost the search engine rankings of your own site! This typically translates into more free traffic which is highly targeted and of course the best type you can get! Plain and simple, having move inbound links thereby places more attention on your site and is another reason social networking online is an effective strategy for marketers!


Establishing an online brand is something that helps you become more competitive since it makes you 'stand out' from other marketers! The need to be easily recognizable is a must in the very competitive internet environment! Building yourself a brand will help you do just that and this is typically done by 'reinforcing' the identity you've chosen as often as you can! When any marketer engages in social networking online, this simply creates another 'venue' in which they can build and establish a brand! Remember, these communities can be very viral in nature which is why they are so effective for brand development!

Traffic Generating

We spoke above about how link building helps increase the search engine traffic you receive! Another source of traffic you can expect would be not only members of the sites you are working but also people who have been referred by these members! The viral potential offered when promoting on these sites is significant if you consider that site members likely 'belong' to other sites as well! Much like an onion that has many layers, there is no telling where on the internet your links may end up! Harnessing the incredible powers of viral marketing should always be an objective of every internet business development strategy!

Online social networks are being more commonly used as part of many marketers business development strategy and with great results! Although social networking online does require an emphasis being placed on relationship building it has proven to be a very effective strategy! The 3 components every internet business needs are reviewed above and can be acquired when social networking online! This helps to explain the popularity of this very effective strategy and why you should consider included this approach in your own marketing mix as well!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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