When it comes to the most delicious dish that is equally relished by vegetarians and non-vegetarians, nothing can quite compare to Paneer. This Indian dish is truly one of a kind and is enjoyed by people everywhere. Whether in India or in countries abroad, paneer can be made in a wide variety of ways to cater to anyone’s tastes.

Not only does paneer taste ever so good, but it also gives your body so many health benefits. Paneer is a great natural source of protein. If you are someone who works out at the gym, then you will already know that including paneer in your diet is a great way to make sure that you get enough protein naturally. This will help you without ever having to use artificial or unsafe means of getting enough protein in your body.

It is a great way to increase your bone strength, maintain your blood sugar levels, boost heart health and even aids in digestion.

If you think paneer is healthy, imagine how much healthier organic paneer must be. Organic paneer doesn’t contain any preservatives. It doesn’t go through any processing either. This means that it helps you stay healthy without having to consume additional chemical preservatives. It also means that paneer made this way retains most of its healthy goodness as it does not undergo any processing.

Organic paneer helps give your body all the protein it needs. It contains many essential minerals and is rich in natural milk proteins. If you are looking for something high energy to supplement your workout diet, then you can’t go wrong with organic paneer. It also strengthens your bone as it is a great source of calcium. This helps your body stay healthy and fit. Apart from these great benefits, organic paneer also aids in digestion. This means that it helps you break down food that you have consumed much faster and help you digest meals very well.

Organic paneer is such a wholesome food that it is a great meal for pregnant women. It is a nutritious way to have protein naturally. When you are having a baby, you want to stay away from food that can harm their growth. Adding organic paneer to meals and with other wholesome food helps with childbirth and with the health of the baby when it’s born.

Now that you know what a healthy source of nutrition organic paneer is, you might wonder where you can get the best organic paneer in the market. The answer is of course iD Fresh Organic Paneer.

Sourced from the milk we get from cows that are fed natural and healthy food, iD organic paneer is packed with delicious goodness.

Whether it’s with vegetables or with steaming hot curry, iD Organic Paneer is guaranteed to tingle your taste buds.

Directions for use:

Wash the pack before you cut it open.

Cut the paneer into cubes.

Fry, mix or add to the dish you are making.

Delicious organic paneer ready to serve.

Now that you know how to make tasty meals with delicious organic paneer, get started today.

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