Everyone on this planet has some situation that plays a vital role in molding their behaviour and the emotions they encompass. The emotion is commonly connected to the women who experience the maximum swings in their life. Being emotional in nature, they are always surrounded by versatile energy that is not visible with naked eyes but plays an important role in transforming your mood. Those who are unable to understand this concept, well the terms that we are talking about are Auras and Chakras. Those who have done aura readings can better understand how it works and affect your emotions.

Before we move forward, you should have a basic understanding of the Auras and the Chakras.

Every human being has energy fields. There is a multi-colored spinning wheel in that energy field which is commonly known as the Chakras. In general, we have 7 chakra points. The importance of chakras lies in the flow of energy that helps your entire body to work with positive or negative emotions.

Now talking about the Auras, these are the layers of energy that actually surround your body. The layer is not placed one over the other, instead, there is a blend of energy layers that make up the aura of every human being.
If you get into the list of 7 chakras, you will find that each and every chakra has an integral involvement in affecting your emotions. The Crown chakra compels you to think about the situation which is seen through the Third-eye chakra and is then instructed to react through the heart chakra. In short, each and every chakra affects your emotions and is responsible for whatever you are at present.

Now once you have transparency about the auras and chakras, you would be wondering to find how to balance your chakras. But another question arises is why you actually need to balance your chakras?

Most of you are aware of this fact that controlling the surrounding circumstances is next to impossible as it is connected with a huge population. So, instead of changing the entire world to work for you and make you happy, it’s important to find what you can change in your chakras and balance it with the ongoing scenario and keep yourself emotionally strong.

It's more interesting to note that both your chakras and auras work together and are involved in transforming your life. In different situations, different chakras either move slow or have stopped moving. And this directly put an impact on the colour of the auras. There are various healing options that can help you recover the situation and build a healthy life. Even the law of thermodynamics says that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed. Similarly, your body releases and absorb small packets of energy that constantly change your chakras and auras, resulting in positive or negative behaviour/emotions in your daily life.

So, what you think about the impact of chakras and auras on your emotions? Share your opinion and comments below.

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