Paragard is the copper made IUD. If inserted properly it helps women with birth control. It is a non-hormonal small device that is inserted inside woman’s body with little surgery. It blocks the tubes and does not allow conception.

The physician inserts a T shape device in the uterus. It creates purposely an inflammation that prevents pregnancy. Once inserted it prevents pregnancy for about 10 years. Many women decide to have ParaGard insertion because it is a non-hormonal copper option. As it does not contain any hormones so it has become a preferable choice for most people. Because there are no chances of hormonal disturbance and the menstrual cycle remains continuous and they feel no side effects like blood clots or other hormonal defects.

Although it is non-hormonal there exist some issues too. people faced complications from these devices. In such a situation if there exists a problem, a patient asks the doctor about the issue and the doctor show negligence then it became important to consult the ParaGard lawyer He will take a case then

  • There is a defective design of IUD
  • There exists a manufacturing defect in IUD
  • Doctor was negligent
  • No label was present regarding the risks of IUD.

In such conditions, when a person faces a problem and have to undergo a hysterectomy to prevent the spreading of infection to other parts. The attorney assists and helps her to get the proper medical attention. He performs his duties in the following way

Listen To Claimant

The experienced lawyer never shows negligence and first understand the whole matter. He discusses different aspects related to the case to make a string file so the claimant gets justices and proper medical care. After a client file, a case the lawyer check either it is a legal case and then he files a petition to provide the complete medical and financial assistance to the patient.


When a client file the case, the lawyer makes a complete document. The paperwork includes the date of operation, type of IUD used, doctor name, hospital name, and complications the patient is facing.

The lawyer tries his best to provide complete justice and help the claimant to provide the losses she is suffering from. Once the document is complete, he submits the file to the court. 

After that court provides the time to listen to the plea of the claimant. Moreover, the lawyer also arranges an informal meeting between the patient, doctor, and the IUD supplier to reach the base of the case.

Choosing The Right Paragard Lawyer

Not every lawyer can handle the case. Therefore, one must be careful and select the source who knows a complete background about IUD, its effect and complications can handle the case efficiently. Therefore, do first little homework. Find the source near you have excellent reviews. In this way, one can get assistance in the right way and able to get complete medical assistance with proper financial support.

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