As a parent, I know that you hope and wish for the best for your child or teenager. Many parents, myself included, before I knew the philosophy of Creating Champions for Life, create an environment for their child that is meant to keep them safe and healthy but actually stalls their chances for growth. Overcompensating for a child can cause the child to feel that they are not good enough to try new things. Let’s explore this with Thomas.
When I asked more than 300 parents what their role as a parent was, mostly, I would get a deer in the headlight look and then I would hear them say, “ make my child happy” or “to protect my child.” A parent’s job is to teach life skills to their child so the child can succeed in life. If you do not have a clearly defined list of those skills, now would be a great time to write that list. This will help you begin to create the correct environment where you can wake up the champion in any child or teenager.
Your child is intelligent and will always take the path of least resistance. If you are there to pick them up, tell them what to wear, buy them whatever they ask for, and tell them what to do until they are 18, your child or teenager will not be prepared to succeed in life!
It is important to allow your child the opportunity to step up and do things. When they get frustrated you can encourage your child and tell them, “It is okay to make mistakes. It is okay if it takes some time. I know you can do this!”
Also, children do not decide things. They can’t. A child does not have the ability to communicate like an adult. When you ask your child, “What sport would you like to play?” they will more than likely say, “I don’t know.” Ask them a question. “Timmy, would you like to learn how to play soccer, how to swim or how to play baseball?” Of course, you made the decision for them to try sports, but they were able to choose what sport they like from your three options.
Your child or teenager requires a motivator to take action. Many parents will buy their child things and pay for things they choose for their child or teenager. What is your child’s motivator? It is easy to make a list of rewards for your child or teenager because they will be asking for things constantly. They will ask for time with their friends, for a cell phone, and for anything they see that is important to them. This is the child’s fuel and the parents’ ammunition! Recognize it!

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