Suppose that a guy failed to establish good relationships with his classmates when he was a small kid. The subconscious mind of this person never forgets what happened and it desperately tries to correct the situation, but since the child has grown up already the subconscious mind tries to fix the problem by making the person eager to establish good relationships with everyone around him. Some people have a mysterious need for making people fall in love with them and a mysterious need for knowing new people, those are the people who are trying to change their pasts by changing their present relations.

The subconscious mind recalls the old situation with every new relationship they get into and then try to do this time what it failed to do in the past. That’s why the addiction to making new friends or to making people love you never end until you prove to yourself successfully that you have done what you have failed to do before.

The question you should ask yourself if you are a relationship addict, what are you trying to prove to yourself? Is your past haunting you to the extent that you go into relationships just to do what you failed to do earlier?

The following examples will illustrate how some people try to convince themselves that they can do something they failed to do in their past:

• A guy who always tries to be the leader among his friends because he failed to do so in his past
• Someone who always wants to be popular and loved by everyone because they were ignored as a child
• Someone who is trying to date girls having certain cultural background or a certain beliefs because he failed to deal with them in his past

The examples that can be given are numerous but the concept is the same. Whenever someone fails to do something in their past, their subconscious mind always tries to force them to succeed doing it in the future. That’s why those people become addicts to these relationships, because it’s their only channel to change their pasts.

That’s also why lots of people lose interest in a relationship as soon as they know that the other person loves them, simply because they didn’t get into the relationship because they loved that person but it’s just because they wanted to change their pasts.

After being dumped you should ask yourself another important question, was I trying to prove something to myself by getting into this relationship? Was I trying to change my past through this relationship?

And if your answers were yes then you should know that you weren’t in love nor even liked that person but it’s just that they were an important channel for you to change your past. Every single day millions of people fall in love because of their subconscious mind’s desire to help them get over past failures that are haunting them.

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