One of the most important ingredients in the formula of success is to surround yourself with the right people.

Who are the right people? No one is right for all times and for every project or relationship. A person will enter your orbit, play his or her role, good or bad, then disappear from the scene.

From the time we are born people surrounding us can truly
make or break us. As infants we are totally dependent on our parents and if we are unwelcome and unloved, we may be traumatized for life. Children who receive unconditional love and support from their parents have a much better chance to overcome difficulties and to develop their full potential.

If you grow up in a family where you have a conflict or poor harmony with both parents, you will rebel against the entire family. All your forces will operate to negate their ideals and opinions, even if this be self-destructive.

If a child has a vibrational conflict with only one parent,then the physical and mental damage to the child could be somewhat lessened. If the conflicting parent is stronger vibrationally than the parent who harmonizes with the child, the former will stamp the child's personality more than the latter.

For example: an Aries father born in April is likely to conflict with his Libra daughter(born in October) and induce in her by vibrational impact contradictory qualities, like using force to get things done and having a pioneering spirit, as opposed to enjoying the peace
with which the Libra daughter is endowed with, natively. She will react by becoming too overbearing and dictatorial in order to survive a non-congenial imposition.

What characterizes right and wrong people? We recognize the right people through our first intuitive feelings about them. If our feelings about a person in the first meeting are negative, we should not ignore it. Sometimes, because of practical reasons or as a matter of convenience, some people, who do not harmonize with us, still become our close
acquaintances or friends, but eventually the outcome will not be happy.

How do people influence us? We each have an energy field surround our body. When we come within the limits of the other person's energy field (the person's aura), a
vibrational exchange takes place. When the energies exchanged are positive, they induce in both parties positive thoughts and impulses, which can prove most beneficial to both.

When there is a clash of positive and negative energies, the results can be very harmful, resistance will cease and the person will become resigned and start imitating the negative person's ways of thinking. This occurs in a very subtle fashion.

The greater the number of right people surrounding us, the greater will be our success and harmony. The first step is to become conscious of the fact that we are affected by the
vibrational impact of other people. The second would be to think what characterizes right people, what attracts them to us; then we can decide to attract more compatible
people. Because of the laws of Karma, we are bound to meet both right and wrong people.

Knowing that we do need the right people, we should search until we find them. As we grow in wisdom, we begin to understand this and will start looking for harmonious
people. If we keep this thought in our minds, we will find the right people and will be more successful in life.

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Ostaro is an internationally renowned Astrologer, Author of "The Art & Craft of Success: 10 Steps". He is a Filmmaker, Kabbalist, Freemason, 32 degree Scottish Rite. He writes on self-improvement, astrology and finance.; You can download the Ostaro App from Google Play by typing 'Ostaro'.