Here we will try to understand what is personal or self-growth? And this influences your business? Does your personal growth make your business successful or what is the real role of self-growth in business? All such questions are quite essential to understand for a businessman.

First of all, let's elaborate on what is personal growth?

Personal Growth:

Personal growth is basically becoming the best version of yourself. That simply means, whatever you're doing you should be the best in that field.

If you're a businessman, personal growth helps you become the best businessman. There are a couple of reasons which make you successful in reason.

Curiosity for knowledge:

Once you're working on yourself, you become too much curious about a couple of things. You want to learn each and everything that belongs to you.

You might get surprised to know that many successful people spend a lot of time reading. Bill Gates reads 4 books a week. Isn't that surprising?

Why is that so?

Because they are realized that knowledge is the only thing that gives them multiple ways to explore things, knowledge makes them intellectual and they can solve their problems easily.

Knowledge makes you perfect:

However, I don't believe in perfection. No one is perfect and no one can be, but while working yourself, you sooner realize that the only competitor you have is yourself. And the only hindrance you have in your success is yourself.

That's why you try to improve yourself each day by learning a lot of new things. And that makes you more valuable in business.

For example, you are a writer and you offer freelance writing services, you spend most of your time on your self-improvement. You will sooner realize that your habit of self-improvement that leads you to read books has enhanced your knowledge so much that you have far more resources for references in your writings. And that leads you to business success.

The habit of research:

Once you're on your self-improvement, your mental approach towards matter changes. Once Jim Rohn explained in his book "Think and Grow Rich" explained that troubles come to everyone's' lives but the difference that makes people different is their attitude towards those hurdles.

That attitude changes with appropriate knowledge and perfect habits. And research is one of the key factors for your success. If you have adopted this habit then you're less likely to fail in any business.

For example, you're into an online business, where you don't keep your money in your hands but your money is someones' hands. No matter what they are and how play with you, once you submitted you can't do anything. You can even get scammed, and it's really hard to find a well-reputed wealth recovery service.

Here your habit of research plays its role.

Your habit will make you realize that before submitting your money, you should do some proper research about that field or the broker you're handing over your money to. It will secure you from many bad aspects.

Focus is the key to business success:

It has been a science-based fact that focus is the key factor to success. As you improve your focus, as you're better at your life matters.

And in your self-improvement process, you focus a lot on improving your focus. For example, in the self-improvement guide by Junaid Raza, it's completely mentioned that your focus is one of the biggest success factors you should work on.

 As you're more focused, you are more likely to make better decisions and get less influenced by the distractions you face in your life.

You might not believe that majority of the successful people meditate in their lives. Even Bill Gates meditates on a weekly basis to get less influenced by distractions. He once wrote on his blog that he never watched movies and TV for long because he believed it will distract his mind. But once he met someone who convinced him to practice meditation, he found a better way to stay focused.

Personal growth helps reduce stress

Every businessman understands how stress is the biggest problem in success. But you're improving yourself, you have multiple ways to reduce your stress.

There are many practices that people adopt in their lives to reduce stress. It's also found in scientific research that meditation helps you reduce stress.

So you will be better able to work with positive gratitude.

Your eyes are on the results:

As you grow in your life, you realize that things don't change overnight. You have to wait for them and most of the time you need patience. It's also found that patience is the key factor to change your fate.

If you're working on something, nothing will change in a day or two. But success is a long journey that requires hard work and patience. All such things you learn in your self-improvement process.

How to start your personal growth?

Well, you must have realized that your self-growth will make you better able to run a business successfully. The next thing that might arise in your mind is how you can start working on it?

You might not have the time or resources to read books, how can you still find a way to work on change? The answer is quite simple.

As you're living in a technology era, no matter do you belong, you must have a smartphone or if you a businessman then surely you will have one of the best business computers, and if so then it's no harder to start working on yourself.

There are thousands of books and cassettes of books that are available on the internet for free. I have read dozens of free books and listen to free tapes on the internet. So if you keep one hour a day in your busy life, you will be able to complete one or 2 books each week and that's enough to start with.

This journey of self-growth will make you a successful businessman.


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