People up-to- date with the Craze will be aware of the recent fuzz all over
social media about celebrities being photo-shopped rather too conspicuous so
as to be missing an importance so vital for a biological human-being such as, a
missing butt-cheek or an extra body muscle which didn’t exist in the first place.
What made them take a step or an error so derelict to make people question
the use of this amazing tool in the first place. Let us look into what really a
photo-shop is; photo-shop simply is an Adobe image editing software used to
air brush the desired images of topical times, a tool which helps people to
arrive at imperfections in this imperfect world which is causing a lot of
hullabaloo as are its extols. Photo-shop in many sense can be used for many
reasons such as photography, video-game artistry, meme-designing which
literally makes the canopy of every industry function. No business of any sort
exists without a visual as such the consigned are the suitably trained provided
its intricacy to use photo-shop as it can also be tainted such as the recent buzz
of a model in her hoarding of lingerie. Alike painters who draws his outline
image before he sets for his undertaking an illustrator too illustrates images in
a two-dimensional images for various companies or industries such as a
fashion design, magazines, web sites, advertising etc. Illustration in simple
words means to design or to create the thought- image. A person does not
exist without his or her shadow and this is exactly what an illustrator does in
our animate world, it would be exceedingly difficult to imagine this present
epoch without an illustrator. An illustrator brings to life the rich images in our
heads, such as an interior designer, a stager arranging the decor of the house,
which we are un- capable of arriving, a cartoonist draws an image of a beast, a
fairy which pragmatically non-existent but lingers to every child’s mind
because he had installed in the unsullied mind the imagery of how it could and
would be. Humans are sceptical beings as such illustration brings about better
inducement from the back of our mind showing how powerful an illustrator
can be for our lives .They say an autistic person has very colourful imagination
as they fail to express their desirability, in the ‘demanded, banal sense’ .
Now talking about photo-shop or illustration in relations to designing as none
can subsist without the other,they go hand in hand. A fashion designer will use
his different scope of availability such as hues, embroidery to give out a

memorandum, one of the most famous French fashion designer, Yves Saint
Laurent through his clothing questions the stagnant sexuality of this generation
by questioning how a person’s clothing is not to determine his or her
sexuality. As such his work is known for redesigning very masculine clothing
into beautiful yet feminine wardrobe. The famous painter, Picasso in one of his
famous work’ the mood of a painting’ of the ‘Blue period’ uses the blue colour
to portray destitute human beings by implicating blue colour in times of misery
and despair such as beggars, prostitutes, the circle-folks and all the
unfortunate-outcasts. Apropos to the relation of the two artists, Dr Seuss
known as one of the most successful children’s writer in history talks about the
importance of every individual regardless of the society’s accepted size by
giving equal importance to the microscopic beings and is now used as a slogan
by pro-life organisations for his famous illustration, ” A person’s a person no
matter how small’ in ‘Horton hears a who’.
Coming back to the point of the ‘talked-about’ we have an epiphany that
everyone is an artist in his or her own right to give out a message to be made
known. A designer cannot exist without the former two branches, his or her
imagination is made to appear by the illustrator which is then made into the
desired result with the help of a photo-shop. In fact everything is this world is
somehow interconnected with one or the other in every sphere of life. To
imagine a life without branching-out should be best compared to a tiny fish
vaulted to an aquarium or a forlorn Tom Hanks in ‘Cast Away’ where he is
threatened with existentialism such as the fear of loosing his figure of speech
compelling him to have a daily rapport with the brought-ashore, basket-ball.

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