Physiotherapy is the most prescribed treatment to assist in the recovery of many injuries and conditions. Chronic pain and sports injuries and challenges with mobility can all be greatly improved with the use of physiotherapy. Here are a few reasons why sticking to your physiotherapy is so important:

Range of Motion

If you have suffered from an injury and have a condition that is affecting your range of motion, without physiotherapy you will continue to feel very low and less capable of participating in your day to day activities. Stiffness and pain in your shoulder, for example, can lead to a case of the frozen shoulder if you do not follow your physiotherapy plan.

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Your physiotherapist will assign a number of exercises for you to practice at home also. so many people think that once they are shown how to do the exercises they no longer require assistance from their physiotherapists. at the time of your physiotherapy appointments, your physiotherapist will first check your improvement importantly and then can increase or change your exercises accordingly to match your progress. So many times they will reduce your exercises if you seem to be having difficulty. Without regular appointments, and follow up chances are you will not be able to progress to complete recovery and could even make matters worse.

Neurological Disorders

For patients who have suffered a stroke or have conditions, physiotherapy plays a key role in aiding with correcting or improving the damage. Your treatments will help to mobility and weaknesses, to bring back full or partial function, and to stop further deterioration from taking place.

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Cardiopulmonary Conditions

If you are suffering from injury and from breathing issues that are interfering with your day to day life or regular life physiotherapy patients have seen great improvements following guided exercises, in hand with exercises with a physiotherapist.

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Pain Management

In any number of cases for both chronic pain and pain resulting from an accident or injury, physiotherapy will aid in pain management improving your quality of life so you can resume your daily activities, sports, and hobbies.

Physiotherapy playing a very important role in a number of treatment programs for so many peoples and when disregarded can stop you from regaining your strength and health.

Physiotherapy allows for a fast and optimal Repair of the Body:

Physiotherapy is an effective form of treatment for the reduction of back, shoulder & neck pain, in the body and directs you towards a pain-free lifestyle. Physiotherapy focuses on sustainability, not only dedicated to repairing the damage but also teaching how to avoid future injuries and discomfort. Furthermore, physiotherapy teaches pain management techniques, improving quality of life and allowing you to get back to the activities which you enjoy the most.

Physiotherapy Improves Overall Quality of Life:

Physiotherapy teaches many therapeutic exercises to help relieve pain. These exercises target the problem areas while also developing general muscle strengthening & flexibility, improving the overall range of motion throughout the body.

Physiotherapy Treats A Wide Variety of Conditions:

Physiotherapy is not only an effective form of treatment for pain management but also aids in the treatment of a variety of conditions including, musculoskeletal dysfunctions, such as rotator cuff tears and joint disorders; neurological conditions such as stroke, spinal cord injuries, MS and Parkinson’s; Repetitive use injuries, such as carpal tunnel syndrome; and sports-related injuries such as dislocations and concussions.

Physiotherapy can greatly impact your standard of living and with the best physiotherapy, you don’t need to look very far to kick start your wellness journey. While there are many reasons why physiotherapy is important to your health, we have identified the top 3.

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