Running can take its toll on the body, however hours spent on the treadmill, pounding the pavement can have a detrimental effect on the body. Good recovery is a must for athletes to avoid injuries that can hamper your training. Choosing the right running shoes, ideal rest periods, nutrition and even clothing can help ward off a lot of problems. But doing pilates while having an injury can offer you these benefits.

Increased core strength

Most popular athletes in New York understand the importance of a strong core, but some do not. Core strength is not synonymous with abdominal strength. Your core encompasses your entire torso, including hips, abdominals, shoulders, belly, thighs, and neck. When all of the muscles are strong and balanced your core acts as a stabilizer and a center for you to transfer forces through when you’re running or doing other activities. Pilates help you product better force during running and also better control and maximize the forces you produce while you’re active.

Corrects posture imbalances

Every athlete’s first priority should be to gain core stability in the body through a balanced musculature. In other words, stability first and movement second. According to the best fitness trainer in NYC, core stability in the body protects the spine and surrounding muscles from injury during dynamic movement. Since pilate exercise encourages proper movements and teaches correct posture, people are less likely to re-injure the same area or hurt something else through compensation. Moreover, it helps people identify their weaknesses that inhibit their gait.

Quick and comprehensive recovery

Pilates at the gym through the best fitness trainer will decrease your recovery time after injury or a strenuous workout by increasing joint mobility, improving the flexibility of parts and body awareness. Adding pilate in routine, your muscles will be in better condition, so you feel less fatigued, sore and tight after a long run.

Breath control

Breathing patterns are important to know while performing pilates and such practice easily translates into running. Pilates teaches you to fill the lower lobes of your lungs more fully, to engage your diaphragm more consciously and to use breath with high awareness to assist your pilate movements

Improved balance

One of the fundamentals of pilates as per best fitness trainers in NYC is that it emphasizes balance along with mobility and breath control. Balance decreases with age and those who regularly perform pilates will see dramatic gain in balance and have an easier time maintaining it as they age. If you’ve ever stumbled on a rocky trail while running, you would understand how crucial it is for your core muscles to come to the rescue.

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Nancy Smith is an American author.