For many bloggers the thought of planning ahead only seems to be a burden since they've already got enough responsibilities! The point of this discussion here today is that the MOST important duty of anyone trying to develop a successful blog is to post updates in a consistent manner! The difficulty most encounter in doing so however is their 'approach' lacks the daily planning needed to achieve a consistent posting schedule! Without a little discipline or a plan it becomes too easy to procrastinate or even lose direction which obviously leads to many inconsistencies in how and when you post updates!

Let's quickly review 3 benefits that daily planning offers any blogger when trying to post updates to their platform on a consistent basis!

Schedule Updates

Planning in advance is more or less a commitment on your part as to what you intend to accomplish! This plan will actually help you stick to your schedule which of course should reflect a consistency you can live with and your readers can look forward to! With a bit of daily planning you can determine which days work best for you and your readers to post updates! As a rule holidays and weekends are NOT the best days for getting traffic to your blog since people typically have other obligations!

Prep In Advance

Don't rely on trying to pull all your content together at the last minute since the pressure and time will both compromise your quality! Knowing in advance which days you intend to update your site gives you the opportunity to prepare your next update in advance side stepping the need to rush your efforts! This will help ensure you post only quality content which of course is the foundation to any successful blog!

Prep In Stages

Here again since so much goes into writing blog posts it's best to approach your writing in separate stages! Plan to focus on and complete various steps of your writing efforts at different times! For instance you may want to create your outlines on one day leaving keyword research for another! This way you will not feel so overwhelmed by having to do it all in one sitting! Once more daily planning not only helps you determine what you need to accomplish but it is also a written reminder to help you stick to your plan! Much like goals, if you write down your intentions, it is more likely you will achieve them!

Although planning ahead can be very beneficial to anyone who wants to develop a successful blog it is something many still don't do! Most popular blogs tend to post updates on a predictable schedule that allows readers to feel comfortable knowing when they should check back for new content! The problem many bloggers have maintaining this consistency however is they lack the daily planning needed to keep them on schedule! The fact is having a plan offers certain benefits, as discussed above, to anyone wanting to develop a successful blog! Your blogging success is dependent upon delivering interesting content in a consistent fashion to your readers! Once visitors know what to expect in terms of when you do post updates, they'll feel more comfortable and even anticipate returning to your site!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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