Pneumonia is a kind of infection in one or both lungs. It is mainly caused by viruses, fungi or bacteria. Where bacterial pneumonia is one of the most common types in adults. It mainly causes inflammation in air sacs in the lungs. It is filled with fluid which makes it complex to breathe. Are you willing to get more facts about Pneumonia? If so then you are at the right destination. Read below-given post.

About Pneumonia

Pneumonia is a common lung infection which is mainly caused by bacteria or fungi. It is spread through a cough, sneezing, breathing, touching and so on. The infection causes lungs air sacs which are called alveoli and filled with excretion or fluid. It is hard for a person to break into. pneumonia symptoms may range from mild to severe such as cough, cold, and trouble breathing and so on.

Pneumonia is one of the dangerous diseases which cause lung infection for all ages. young children and infants, adults above 65 and people who have other health issues are more at risk. According to research Pneumonia is a leading cause in children as well as adults. It can be treated successfully but takes a few weeks to recover fully. Today most people are suffering from pneumonia every year.

What causes Pneumonia?

Pneumonia is mainly caused by a wide range of bacteria, fungi, and viruses. It is very essential to identify the cause of pneumonia at an early stage in order to get proper treatment. Below are the causes of this disease:

● Bacteria

The most common kind of bacterial pneumonia is known as pneumococcal. It is mainly caused by a germ which basically lives in the upper respiratory system. It can occur on its own when you have a viral fever or cold. It often affects one part of the lung. Those who at greatest risk of this cause must have to take surgery.

● Viruses

Viruses mostly affect the upper respiratory. The influenza virus is one of the most common causes of pneumonia. This cause is mostly occurring in young children. It is not more serious than bacteria.

● Fungi

Fungi are the most common cause in people when they have pneumonia. It occurs people who have weak immune system due to HIV or long term usage or medicine.

What are the symptoms of Pneumonia?

The symptoms may vary from mild to severe. If you are suffering a lot it is very essential to the met doctor. Here are the symptoms of this disease.

✔ Cough
✔ Fever
✔ Tough break
✔ Chest pain
✔ Loss of appetite
✔ Fatigue
✔ Nausea
✔ Vomiting
✔ Stress
✔ Restless

How Is Pneumonia Treated?

In many times, pneumonia can be complex to diagnose because symptoms involved in it are very dangerous. To find out this disease, you need to recognize germ which is causing illness. The doctor will do a physical exam and ask about your medical history. According to that, they prescribe some medicine.

What are medicines used to control this?

If you get a pneumonia disease, your doctor will give proper treatment. The treatment only depends upon the type of pneumonia you have, your age and health conditions. The treatment helps you to cure the infection. Therefore it is very essential to follow your treatment to live a healthy life. Take drug which is prescribed by your doctor.

If you are caused by bacteria, you will be given an antibiotic. It is very essential to take this drug till last. By taking this medicine, you may get some side effects such as vomiting, restlessness, and nausea. If you have viral pneumonia, you will be given an antiviral drug in order to treat it. It because of some side effects similar to others like depression, tied, and so on. Augmentin is one among medicine which is taken for pneumonia. It is an antibiotic agent with a combination of moxicillin, beta-lactamase inhibitor, and clavulanate potassium. The side effects by taking this drug are diarrhea, vomiting, and nausea. Therefore it is very essential to take proper medicine in order to cure this pneumonia disease otherwise it lead you to death.

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