The IPhone Xs Max is a premium device with an OLED display. But, if the screen starts malfunctioning, you will have to take it to a certified technician providing the repairing service.

Discussing all the steps in detail is not possible here. So, we will give you an overview of the steps of repairing or replacing the device.

1) Initial steps

In the first step of the iPhone Xs Max Screen repair, the technician will power off the device and remove the lithium-ion battery. Then, they will remove the screws and will apply the replacement seals to protect the device screen.

2) Applying tapes to cracks

If there are cracks on the screen surface, the technicians will handle the device carefully to avoid additional harm.

They will apply packing tapes on the phone to protect the device from developing additional cracks.

Now, to open the IPhone, they will apply heat to the lower edge of the surface to soften the adhesive.

3) Removing the battery connector

Now, after opening the device, they will remove the battery connector from the logic board. In this procedure, they will make sure that they do not damage the silicone seal that protects the boards and the necessary connections. Also, they always make sure that the socket does not come in contact with the logic board as the contact can damage the latter component.

4) Removing the display assembly

Next, the technicians will remove the screws and remove the phone bracket carefully. Now using a spudger the technician will remove the connector of the OLED panel. After that, they will lift the cable that is connected with the bracket and the panel.

Before the replacement, they will also need to remove the earpiece. For this, they will again use the spudger to pry the speaker assembly that is placed on the top edge.

For softening the adhesive, however, they might also use a heat gun or a hairdryer.

5) Removing the microphone

For replacing the screen, the microphone will have to be removed. To do this, the technicians will use the opening pick keeping the flex cable intact and in the same way, they will also remove the illuminator and the proximity sensor.

To remove the ambient light sensor they will use tweezers.

6) Reassembling the new screen

Now, the technician in the iPhone Xs Max screen replacement will install the diffuser into the display. This is a delicate process so the professionals will need to be very careful. They will need to make sure that they are diffuser is facing the right direction.

After that, they will place the ambient light sensor on top of the diffuser and hold it in position when attaching the screws.

They will need to secure the assembly along with the sensor and after tightening the screws they will make sure that everything is in the proper position.

7) Finalizing the replacement

The last and final step of the reassembly comprises of properly placing the proximity sensor and the illuminator. They will need to make sure that the components are free of adhesive.

So, this is basically a summary of the steps followed by the technicians providing the iPhone Xs Max Screen repair. The actual process is more complex and we will discuss it later in another article.

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The author is the owner of a company that provides iPhone Xs Max screen replacement and repair and writes social media posts on repairing gadgets using various tools and techniques.