Want to create quotes convincingly? Want to amplify sales? The answer lies in the way you create quotes.
For any product-based company, quoting forms an integral part of sales quotes. People usually request a quote to get an estimated price before finalizing any deal. How do you manage your quoting process will decide the success of your business.

Productivity takes a backseat when you adopt a manual approach to quote creation. Sales reps spend hours of their valuable time in generating quotes. When your sales quoting is slow, the sales process drags on.

If the quote is not given on time, the customer will feel alienated and the prospect of closing the sale reduces drastically.

As an IT reseller, if you are serious about transforming your sales process so as to achieve greater success, make sure to use an IT quoting software.

Productivity Booster

Access to quoting tools allows you to save a lot of time while creating quotes. It is observed that sales reps get stuck in the process when they are asked to create and quote a product configuration.

Complex pricing associated with configuration often slows down the process and leads to errors. Rectifying those errors will be time-taking, thereby further derailing your process.

This process can be easily simplified with a Configure price quote software. No matter how complex the RFQ is, quote creation can be completed in just a few minutes.

With CPQ software, you create quotes in no time. Customers often request quote for bundles, configurations, etc. Quoting customized products is never a time-consuming activity. With CPQ tool, you never have to worry about complexity of quote.

Also, most quoting tools come with ready-made templates. Choose any one that suits your brand and enter product and customer information with a few clicks.

Stand Out from the Rest

Winning new customers is all about creating quotes that will enable you to standout from the rest. Quoting software gives you the opportunity to create quotes that customers would love to see. When you use a quoting system, you are able to create quotes that are attractive, slick and gorgeous.

When you send impressive quotes, quote-to-sale conversion is guaranteed. Quoting tools are designed to create visually apealing quotes, which significantly ups your chances of winning every sale.

Quote on-the-go

Don't restrict your quoting activity to laptops. Now conveniently handle your quoting activity on mobile devices. Yes, this is possible! Simply install Mobile sales software in the form of app on your mobile devices and you are ready to create complex quotes on the run.

Quote on-the-fly will become a reality if you start using mobile quoting app to manage your quotes. All the details required to create a quote are available on the app.
When handheld devices can be used to manage quoting activity, it doesn't make sense to use desktops and laptops to create quotes.

The biggest advantage of automating the quoting process is that customers don't have to wait for hours to receive a quote. They get it in a span of a few minutes.

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Arnaldo is an American writer for various digital news publications. After being in the ecommerce industry for more than 15 years, he has a good understanding of what it takes to make an ecommerce business successful.