Rahu is the shadow planet that is the head of the Asura Svarbhanu. It is linked with the most hidden and deepest desires of natives. Rahu is about following desires to the end where the logical or practical person will stop. Rahu doesn’t know any limits or boundaries. He just goes on and follows his quest. Rahu doesn’t mind in choosing the bad ways too as he just wants to be at the top or admired/ praised for what he is doing.
The tenth house is all about our profession, career or whatever we do in front of society to earn a reputation in society.
Past life is mostly connected with the 5th house as it is linked with our Past Life. It is believed that our positive or negative Karma can be seen from the 5th house. Rahu in the 6th from the 5th house shows that native may have been using right and wrong ways to overcome enemies and problems.
There may be the use of manipulation by the native’s end, too. Though native may have been successful in winning still there may have been some deeds whose ways may not be right.
Rahu in the 10th house leads to instability in the career and native changes his profession/ job for at least 2–3 times in life. These are the persons who change the job suddenly and start following or doing the very random thing which is not easily understood by other persons.
If another benefic planet is not there, natives may face some heavy ups and downs at the career front.
Here past karma shows that natives should follow his desires to be at the top but should not use other people as a ladder or as the tools of manipulation.

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