Rehabilitation services can reduce disability and improve your quality of life. Treatments that may be adopted for your purpose include cold and hot applications, exercise programs, electrotherapy and massages. In addition, low tech and hi-tech equipment may be used. To get maximum benefit, it is important that you go to a rehabilitation center known for providing excellent treatment.

Rehabilitation Programs– Benefits for the Disabled and Injured

Rehabilitation services are very beneficial for the elderly, people who have had a fall, those who are trying to recover after surgery, have occupational or sports injury or disabling pain in the back, shoulder or other part of the body. Here are some of the benefits that such programs provide:

• Pain management is possible with modalities such as cold/hot therapy, electrical stimulation, traction and ultrasound
• Improvement in range of motion
• Improvement in functionality
• Prevention of further injury or disability
• Help the patient regain independence
• Help the patient relearn skills
• Help the patient find an alternative way to perform a task that he did before
Stretching helps to enhance flexibility and reduce stress on joints
• Exercises enhance coordination, endurance and balance and improve strength in the muscles

Recuperation Following Surgery of the Knee

Consider physical therapy rehabilitation after knee surgery. In addition to the benefits mentioned above, rehabilitation services help to normalize gait, improve balance, reduce swelling and enable a return to regular play (in the case of athletes). A proper gait pattern means the ability of the patient to walk in a proper manner. If your doctor is satisfied that you are making sufficient progress from treatment at the rehabilitation center, he may give you instructions to perform recuperative exercises at home. In the case of the knee, some exercises that may be recommended include knee flexion and quads sets.

Finding the Right Care Provider

To decide on a treatment plan for your particular disability, your doctor may ask you to get an X-ray or other diagnostic tests. As mentioned earlier, you should find yourself a good specialist or clinic to ensure that the rehabilitation services can indeed reduce your disability. Here are some suggestions:

• The center should be equipped to provide the kind of medical rehabilitation that you would require
• The center should have a good reputation for performing these services
• A good number of patients should have been able to return home following recuperative care at the treatment center.

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