Restore.Media is one of the most effective video recovering solutions that are available online. It helps people to repair, fix and repair corrupted or unplayable audio and video files online. After using their services and discussing with the relevant people on social media about its efficacy, I have come to the point that is this software is worth an investment. Here is my complete review about Restore.Media. I have covered a few of the most critical questions regarding, the files it can recover, how it works and the process, and its pros and cons. So keep reading to recover your lost collections.

Files you can recover from Restore.Media

  • Unplayable media that are corrupted or damaged while recording because of a dead battery, defective flash card, camera or car or drone crash or anything causing an interrupted media recording and unfinished media file which is unplayable.
  • Corrupted or damaged files that have previously been deleted or formatted. For instance, you have removed a file, then restored by using any software and yet unplayable. Here Restore.Media experts come to rescue. No promises for miracles, though, they just claim they will put all efforts to save your media files. To be honest if there something recoverable, it will be done.

How is it possible?

The reference file (index file) of a perfect or playable file which recorded from the same device and with same settings of the corrupted file is used to recover the media. Here your help is required because there is nothing that helps their algorithm than a perfect file from you. With this file, they extract the metadata necessary to finish a damaged file accurately.

What happened if you do not have such a file?

You can ask for their assistance and if they can find something matching in their media archive. However, the best results can only be expected if you can provide a reference file.

The Process

  • As easy as 1, 2 and 3. Everything is online.
  • Signup and create a task for automatic recovery
  • Submit the details of your camera to allow the system picks up one of the best algorithms.
  • Upload the indexed or reference file of a playable file which was recorded from the same device under same settings as a damaged file.
  • Upload the damaged or unplayable file.
  • Wait for the result

It is that simple and to the point.

What People Liked about Restore.Media

  • Best recovery quality
  • Complete preview and you will get a full idea if their system has worked well or not. Although the resolution is low, it is understandable
  • Quick, friendly and professional customer support, no matter how many times you turn to them. Even some of the free subscribers praised their support were up to the mark
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Supports most if not all formats, cameras, and devices

What People Dislike About Restore.Media

1. Although easy to navigate their UI is outdated, black & white screens and boring texts.

2. No free trial versions anymore.
That’s all about Restore.Media. I hope my review will help you to decide to give a try to this system if you like to repair corrupted audio or video files.

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Misty Jhones