Nowadays, we tend to search and find all the product and services online. eCommerce industry has grown so big that today users prefer to make online purchases. It eliminates the hassles of visiting stores, offers wide product assortments and better price too. According to a research statistics, United States is the second largest eCommerce market in the world with an expected spending of more than 500 billion. Most of these transactions will be done through mobile devices in 2016.

The online retail industry is getting bigger and better. Even the brick and mortar stores started feeling incompetent to their online counterparts, so gradually they too are making a leap to the online retail. In fact, now enterprises irrespective of their scale or size are integrating their businesses with an ecommerce platform. They do not want to lose on their online prospects. So, they too are focusing on building a strong online infrastructure and support.

As a result of this, there has been a rise in the demands for IT services to support their ecommerce businesses. The online retailers are heavily relying on the data center services to optimize their ecommerce applications.

Why is retail Industry opting for data center services?
Colocation support: Online retailers are able to move their critical and sensitive data to an offsite location at the world class data centers designed with the latest infrastructure.

High Availability: The redundant infrastructure of data center ensure higher server uptime. Choose only the carrier neutral data centers in US for high network availability.

Best in class security: Data centers are equipped with all the latest security mechanisms including the bio metrics, coded access, physical security staff as well as firewall and network security. This is why retailers are relying on data center solutions for the IT needs of their businesses.

Latest technology: Not only security, best in class data centers in US have all the latest server technologies to

Quick Scalability: Online retailers have special promotions and discount seasons when the web traffic suddenly shoots. So, data center colocation services are easily scalable to meet the IT needs of these special sale seasons.

Support: Data centers also offer 24x7 onsite support to its customers which includes round the clock tech assistance, constant network monitoring, 24x7 surveillance as well as data backup solutions.

PCI Compliance: This is an important feature for online retailers where transactions are done online. Many colocation providers also offer PCI compliant services.

Reliability: Colocation services at data centers are reliable for online retailers to manage their ecommerce platforms.

Most of the retailers are moving to the data center colocation services for its reliable IT infrastructure, effective disaster recovery and for the seamless web performance.

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