Playing with water and sand is something most of the parents restrict their kids from. Most of them consider this type of games as dirty, but like everything else; it also has some positive aspects. However, actually playing with sand and water is not only something that kids are attracted to, but it also helps in their progress.

  • Sand and water game is not only meant for the beach. Take opportunities to help your kid play and learn something with water at home while taking bath, in the kitchen sink, or, in nice climate, in a paddling pond. Sand games at home need good weather conditions and a plot.
  • No special kinds of toys are essential for water games. Use a colander, a sponge, jugs and containers, a whisk, or other stuffs you have on hand to educate kids with the help of playing with water, according to Topmarks Education. Reprocess boxes and food containers to make use of as sand moulds that will help your kid to build up manipulative skills. You can even reuse a tire for a biodegradable home-produced sandbox. Of course, remember the plastic bucket and spade.
  • From trouble-free, pleasurable games kids learn a broad range of talents, beginning with motor skills and hand-eye management from pouring water to decorating items in the sand. They begin learning science from the actions of water at the time when it is poured from one jug to another and from floating and dipping bits and pieces. Playing in sand can help with counting and measurement skills, shape assessment, and "less" and "more" ideas.
  • When you are providing your kid with the instructions of early math and science ideas all the way through sand and water games, you are helping your kid to improve vocabulary and communication skills as well. Ask the little one, questions and get him to make prophecies regarding the actions of water as it moves from one container to another one of a special size or shape. Take two items and question your kid which will go under the water and which will float. Your kid's inquisitiveness will make teaching and learning science an easy task.
  • Kids learn social skills from the games based on sand and water. Sandbox games with other kids need collaboration and sharing even as role playing motivate the thoughts. Creative water game can contain teaching ideas of care and maintain hygiene by bathing a doll in a small basin.

Sand and water games give rise to the level of creativity in kids. Show your kids how to make outline and shape with sand moulds and models in the sand with their fingers or stuffs such as combs or a small plastic rake. Put some sand on a plate to use it indoor and make learning to mark out letters and numbers added fun. Sand and water games or activities are things that even you can do with your kids that combine amusement, knowledge, creativeness, and you can spend quality time with your children as well.

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