Going to the dentist is one of the most common human phobias. Even for patients that have never had a bad experience, the fear of the discomfort of going to the dentist can be enough to keep them alway for years. Unfortunately this absence comes at the expense of the health of their teeth and can lead to cavities or even lost teeth.

For patients whose fear is too much to manage on their own, sedation or sleep dentistry is the perfect solution. Although there are many types of sedation dentistry, several of the best Tampa dentists use nitrous dental sedation, also known as "laughing gas,". This type of sedation uses a mix of nitrous oxide and oxygen, to help reduce anxiety, fears and discomfort before and during the dental procedure.

Not only does the use of ‘laughing gas’ ease dental fears, it also allows your Tampa, FL dentist to concentrate fully on the procedure at hand. They are better able to carry out the procedure because you are more relaxed and therefore easier to perform it on. Nitrous oxide sedation is perfectly safe and helps patients safely and comfortable make it through both routine and more intensive dental work.

While under Tampa sedation dentistry the patient is still able able to breath and speak on their own and will at no point be completely unconscious. Although they will not actually be asleep the patient will have a heightened state of relaxation and most likely won’t remember much about the procedure afterwards. The appointment will be quick, easy and seem to fly by nitrous dental sedation is also more financially feasible for patients than I.V. sedation and other techniques.

Nitrous oxide sedation dentistry is also preferable because it provides much easier regulation for the patient. When taking an oral sedative it is harder to predict how strong the sedation effect will be, as well as how long it will last or when it will kick in. With laughing gas the effect works much quicker, better allowing your dentist to provide you with the right amount at the right time and regulate the entire process for your maximum safety and comfort during your appointment.

Most patients feel little or no discomfort during their treatment and will feel fine after. feel surprisingly good afterwards. Your Tampa dentist will make sure you are comfortable the entire time and fully aware ahead of time of all procedures and logistics that will occur before, during and after. This way you can go into your visit fully knowledgable and aware of what will happen while you are sedated.

Sedation dentistry is increasingly becoming a preferred option for dental procedures. Talk with your Tampa, FL dentist to find out more and if it is something that can be part of your treatment plan!

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