Although having self doubt is common for many this 'cancer' can easily keep you from becoming successful! Actually it is quite natural for doubt to take hold especially when you're faced with something unfamiliar to you! The fear of the unknown can be paralyzing for some and in many cases this is exactly what keeps people from building a profitable business online! Being the internet environment is a very dynamic one, change is always taking place therefore leaving everybody in 'uncharted waters' so to speak! For some this is simply just another challenged to overcome but for most it hinders their ability to function in a way that is productive!

Let's quickly review 5 ways this feeling of doubt can impact many aspiring entrepreneurs working online thus keeping them from becoming successful!

Overly Conservative

The very nature of most entrepreneurs is that of being risk takers but when having 'second thoughts' people tend to become more conservative! This results in most cases in simply ignoring certain opportunities which could in fact lead to a very profitable business venture if pursued otherwise! Remember, no guts no glory!

Take Action - NOT

Once you begin to ignore opportunities the next step in this 'reverse evolution' process tends to be an overall reluctance to take action on anything! Once again all the changes the internet environment presents can make many feel less confident in their own abilities or current business pursuits! As more changes occur this feeling grows stronger along with the reluctance to take any further action at all! You are now much like a deer caught in the headlights of a vehicle, you are frozen in place! Everything now appears to look risky and you retreat further into your cocoon!

Limit Your Education

Taking little in terms of chances or action also significantly limits your educational process as well! Remember for things to change you must change and for things to improve you'll need to do likewise! Having a reluctance to engage in anything new keeps you from making mistakes which also teach valuable lessons or even having to learn new skills or strategies! Becoming successful at just about anything at all involves 'redefining' yourself in terms of increasing your knowledge pool or skill sets!

Failure to Stretch Your Limits

The fact of the matter is that to have a profitable business on the internet you'll need to be different in some way! Whether it is the products you offer or the way you offer them it is important and very helpful that you stand out! Being consumed in doubt will significantly decrease your willingness to take the necessary measures to be unique due to your lack of confidence! To be the best you must be willing to come out of your comfort zone and stretch your own limits! Ultimately this also means failure to reach your own potential! Failure to fully tap into your own abilities will forever keep you on the 'sidelines' and life is too short to risk that!

Thinking 'Inside' the Box

Lacking confidence not only keeps people from taking chances but it also tends to limit their creative thinking ability as well! If you have any aspirations whatsoever of becoming successful with any type of business online you'll want and need to be creative! Watch the crowd and go in the opposite direction since this is where you'll find less competition making it easier for you to build a profitable business!

Even though self doubt is a common feeling most everybody has occasionally, if you're trying to build a profitable business online it can stop you COLD! One of the most common sources for doubting yourself is when you encounter situations or changes with which you're unfamiliar! Guess what, the internet environment if nothing else is all about change! As it continues to evolve, and it will, the internet will continue to present changes that will have the impact, as discussed above, that can keep you from becoming successful! On the other hand if you can recognize that change is also how you grow, and thus learn to embrace and not fear it, you'll find it much easier to build a profitable business online!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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