Are you aware that most of our "beliefs" are formed long before we have the ability to use critical thinking?

Young children are introduced to ideas and opinions long before their brains can distinguish whether those concepts are accurate, valid, credible, healthy, and so on. This is why so many of our adult problems stem from our earliest years.

Whether it is problems with intimacy, with success, health or weight, many of the persistent problems people struggle with come from their “early programming.” Our developmental years leave us vulnerable to things like "limiting beliefs" that effectively block our success in later life. What you believe is possible for you, what you believe you deserve, what you believe you are capable of, are formed in the deepest recesses of your being – before your brain can add 2 + 2.

Told we're lazy, clumsy, stupid, too short, too fat, too homely, too this or that, we take it on as a belief and then subconsciously allow this belief to overshadow our lives in adulthood.
As children you might have been might be told that if you are "good" you will be rewarded, if you work hard and get good grades that you will land the job of your dreams. However, these are not necessarily self-fulfilling prophecies and can, depending on the psyche of the individual, contribute to hardships at a later time.

Alternatively a child might be told “If you eat your vegetables you’ll grow up big and strong.” But perhaps that individual has health issues and never grew big or strong at all. In some cases, as irrational as it may be, that individual could develop eating disorders thinking they "failed" at eating well during early life.

Remember that the subconscious mind has no critical thinking ability but it drives our thinking and behaviors, just like computer programs drive the machinery they operate.

With hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic- Programming) and other mind power techniques you can change these patterns and set the stage for positive change. An experienced self-hypnosis practitioner can use most all mind tools and techniques to override conceptions and harmful patterns within themselves.

More Than Positive Affirmations

Self-hypnosis training is about more than simply repeating positive affirmations. That is not to say affirmations are not useful. They certainly can be. Especially when combined with deep hypnosis and visualization. They help re-train the subconscious and create new programming for the brain. But on their own, they are seldom enough for permanent, positive change unless you commit to daily use over a very long period of time.

Hypnosis guarantees a more immediate effect and deeper change. Self-Hypnosis training gives you the tools for self-help, self-application.

What to look for in a self-hypnosis training program.
A good self hypnosis program will provide:
Self hypnosis instructions for:
• Induction (a hypnosis term for entering a deep state of relaxed awareness)
• Deepening
• Using Visualization
• Using Affirmations
• The use of Anchors
• Techniques for Goal achievement and problem solving
• Exercises that help you build success (i.e. how you know “it” is working)
• Guided exercises that train you to reach deeper states quicker and easier
• How to come out
• How to use posthypnotic Suggestion
You can learn self-hypnosis in a live class, over the web, and very effectively with a pre-recorded program. I have offered all the above. In our modern world, it is difficult to devote the concentrated time a live class requires, so I typically recommend a Home-study Audio program like the one I offer on my website (rather than books.) When practicing self-hypnosis, your eyes are closed, and in the beginning you will need an audio guide any way. With a “How to” Self hypnosis audio program you have the benefit of being able to use the guided audios over and over again.

Author's Bio: 

Author, trainer and Coaches Coach, Mandy Bass has helped thousands of people improve their lives through the use of proven success skills including self hypnosis, meditation and other mind power techniques. Her website offers free resources for those looking for self help and self improvement.