In every section of the market, there is a huge competition these days between different companies offering more or less the same kind of services. The need of the hour for most companies is to better each other. But how do you do that? Well, the easy answer would be to provide better quality services or products. But have you considered the fact that bettering your products and services won't even matter if prospective customers don't even know that your company exists?

Well, that's where SEO practices come in. Now, Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) isn't a recent concept that's trending. SEO practices have been going on for years, but it is now when it has become a necessity for every business, irrespective of whether they are small or big. Basically, through SEO in Sydney, one can significantly grow the visibility of their business in search engine results. Invariably, this results in an increase in traffic, improved rankings and an increased awareness for your business in search engines like Google or Bing.

The huge change in the pattern of Google’s search engine results

If you are accustomed to browsing the web on a daily basis and you have been doing this for years, you will notice how the pattern of Google’s search results have changed over the years. For instance, if you search anything on Google these days, you will no longer find results which only consist of traditional site matches. Now you will find everything from images, videos, map listings to even social platform links.

If you have a business that is heavily dependent on sales and page views, Google search results will matter a lot to you. Precisely for this reason, your business needs to rank higher on search engines so that prospective clients can see and click it.

SEO is much more than just words

Many people have this idea that SEO is all about content or words on your page which is wrong. Yes, content is an integral part of SEO, but there are other aspects which are of equal importance, if not more. More often than not, it's about how your website is linked to other sites or creating a web design in Sutherland that’s structured according to SEO guidelines.

Every year, Google launches new updates, and with that, SEO practices change too. There is no doubt that 2016 was an intense year for SEO professional since Google forked out so many changes. So during the past year, what have we learnt from these changes?

Google is focusing more on mobile searches: When AMP was first announced in 2015, no one really understood where Google was going with it, but when you consider it now, you'll see that it was the first step on what Google has wanted to do for years and that's mobile-first indexing. While searching for anything, most people use their phone rather than their desktops and Google wants this change in mindset to remain.

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