Comprehensive planning and management of spare parts inventory is an important component of an efficient assets management program. Sometimes small auto part components are of high cost. Misplacing a component due to mismanagement may damage the business. Time-worn inventory record-keeping practices and poor tracking methods result in an unimaginable wreck and excessive money loss. Moreover, the right parts are needed to be on hand for routine maintenance or repairs otherwise the downtime is prolonged. If extra and unnecessary parts are on hand the business absorbs excessive costs and the burden of carrying the inventory. Serialization is the procedure of transfiguring the state information of an object instance into a binary or written form to continue into storage medium or transported over a network.

Serialization is the new Hope
Serialization is the process of assigning a unique identity to the individual units. A serialized item is the physical occurrence of a standard item that is labeled with a unique lifetime serial number. This serial number enables to track the individual item throughout life such as from production to testing, distribution, and maintenance phase. A serialized item can consist of sub-units which are also serialized hierarchically.
1. Systematically identify all parts
Serializing the small sealable units help to identify all the components of the automobile parts this made it easy for assembling the car or repair. If a part goes missing then the serial number information associated with the part help to recognize which part is missing. For a part with sub-components, the serial number may be generated in series so that the missing component can be identified through the missing serial number from the series.
2. Streamline the work order process
Spare parts dealing is a challenging task as the small units are needed to be taken care of. Work orders with complete details need to be created for all parts issuance so that inventory remains accurate. Creating a work order process is not that complicated but it makes sure that all necessary information is passed along. Without serialization, there are ways to get parts without work order and this practice inventory inaccuracies begin to occur. Though serial number work order can be pulled for pickup and delivered to the requesting department without any mismanagement. This will eliminate the maintenance department's wait time at the parts warehouse for their work order to be fulfilled.
3. Advance Security measure
The serialization of auto parts ensures that effective security measures are taken in the parts warehouse. A part without a serial number can easily be altered or steal and there will be no clue that it is missing. The serial number entered in the system against each part ensures the security of the part from the production phase, during inventory movements, and till the assembling of the vehicle. Having all parts serialized and consolidated can make security easier especially for large assets and make it easier to control and maintain inventory accuracy.
4. Stock Location
Through a serialized inventory software you can put your parts under smart categories with the lowest stock location details such as bin or shelf location. It will be then easy to locate parts with unique serial numbers on a shelf is where many other parts are in a shared location. Also with a serial code scanner, it will be easy to get the other details of any part such as vendor information, date of purchase, uses, and handling guide.
Bottom Line
Serialization will enable automobile industries to have better control over inventory and provide accurate and faster fulfillment of vehicle manufacturing or assembling. An accurate and efficient parts inventory management system allows the parts department to be fast, more proactive, and responsive to the manufacturing plant.

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