A business that holds an inventory of products needs to maintain accurate information on the movements of goods in and out of inventory and to serve better to its customers. Whether a business needs to manage one supply closet or multi-facility warehouse operations, the aim is to reduce the data entry costs, minimize inventory overstocks and write-offs, and increase the efficiency of the supply chain.
A serialized inventory management software is the tool to enable the inventory to intake serialized products. Serialized products contain a unique serial number on the packaging. The product information can be saved against these serial number using a serialized inventory software. Some inventory software is flexible to let users assign serial numbers manually to the inventory products. The serialized inventory management solution enables businesses to track inventory levels and movements in the warehouse through serial numbers or lot numbers. This inventory management approach provides full visibility to entire incoming and outbound inventory and helps in make better decisions to maintain dynamic stock levels to meet the demands of customers.
Key Benefits of a Serialized inventory software
Manual picking and packing of products for inventory and shipment are not completely reliable. Product may be lost during movement and with physical counting, there is no exact estimate that which product is missing and precisely how much quantity is lacking. Having serial numbers of the product received in inventory prevents errors in counting of a batch and the serialized product can be reconciled easily before transfer to the shipment department.
For Supply Chain operations speed matters. Especially in this new e-commerce demand in the marketplace speed is the crucial aspect for product movement and delivery. An intelligent business strategy run inventory with greater accuracy and speedy supply chain operations. Supply chain managers must regulate speed while maintaining accuracy, reliability, and resiliency. Having serialized inventory management software provided with the ability to enhance the speed of the supply chain by automating the process. Scanning the serial number with a scanner attached with the inventory makes it easy to process incoming and outgoing products.
Improved Inventory Intensity
Inventory is the backbone of any business and to streamline business operations serialized inventory software helps a lot. It assists with business profitability and capability by automating inventory management process for example purchasing and dealing orders, track stock things, shipment handling, tracking product for availability and unavailability, and understanding and accommodate data and manage to reorder things. . The Inventory Management Software for serialized products assists at every movement of product and automatically notify about the stock Levels. Easily transfer stock from one warehouse into a different warehouse, create, retrieve, and delete transfer orders through an organized approach by using serial numbers.

End-To-End Tracking
Even after the product or batch is shipped the item can be tracked by using serials numbers. The serialized inventory software integrated with your business ERP will have real-time updates of each shipment against the serial number of the product. A serialized inventory software helps business owners in
• Controlling Online Orders
• Online Transfer Tracking
• Post-Shipment Updates
• Batch & Expiry Date Tracking
Bottom Line
For a business to have full visibility of inventory data and movement of the products within the supply chain implementing a robust serialized inventory software allow proper control of data and streamline the business operations. All stakeholders, including customers, benefit when the right controls and quality systems are in place to efficiently and effectively manage serialized data.

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