If you have ever been sexually abused or harassed, it’s likely that you still carry the traumatic scars of such a painful incident. Aside from the common symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder that accompany these unfortunate events, is something that may be even more significant and debilitating than first recognised. I’m referring to the feelings and beliefs that you are left with about your own sexuality.

Many people harbour the fear of their own sexuality and choose to accept this fear because on an unconscious level, they believe that it is serving them in some way. So what sort of reasons would you believe that the fear of your sexuality is helping you?

Many believe that it helps them to control their sexual desires so that they can be protected from becoming addicted to repeating old relationship patterns from the past.

Many believe that it protects them from being stuck in a situation that they don’t want in to be in and made to feel blocked, self-conscious, shameful, stuck and hopeless.

Do any of the below feel like they resonate with you in terms of why you believe the fear of your own sexuality is serving you in some way?

I believe that it protects me from being stuck in a relationship that doesn’t work for me.
I believe that it protects me from feeling bad and shameful, addicted to sex and feeling stuck and hopeless.
I believe it protects me from being tempted into something bad for me, therefore if I shut down my sexuality I will feel safe, secure, have high self-worth and be able to make healthy life choices.
I believe it protects me from experiencing pain and hurt.
I believe it protects me from being vulnerable to attracting sexual danger.
I believe it protects me from not getting the reality I want or the relationship I desire – because if I don’t expect it, I can’t be disappointed when it turns out wrong.
I believe it makes me a highly moral person.
I believe it protects me from feeling shameful; therefore I should feel safe, secure, whole, authentic, have high self-worth, confident and fully expressed.
Is the above statement true? Does this fear make you feel safe, secure, confident, authentic, whole, high-self worth, high self-esteem, spontaneous, free and fully expressed?

I think you’ll agree that it doesn’t. In actual fact, with this fear living inside of you, you feel: stuck, blocked, sick, shameful, like you have no control over your thoughts or your mind, anxious, sad, worried, depressed and hopefully you will agree that therefore this fear is absolutely toxic to you.
What’s important to note here is that something like “shame” or “fear of sexuality” is actually easy to release from your energy field employing a new tool called the Mind Resonance Process®.

The net result of doing so is a renewed and powerful connection and awareness of one’s True Self.

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