If you are turned on by eyes, you may have a form of partialism, or in other words, a fetish for one particular part of the body.

Many people have heard about people with a foot fetish, but not that much is known about other weird attractions to bits and pieces of the body, not including the genitals.

There are specific names for each of these partialisms, for example, a fetish for the eyes is called Oculophilia.

Imagine how a person with Oculophilia feels to walk down the streets and gaze into a stranger's sparkling eyes, just to find themselves aroused within seconds. It can get pretty awkward at times, especially for a man.

I think it is a pretty amazing fetish since a person with this fetish can play around with glances made to someone sitting on a bus, or at a coffee shop, or simply flip through magazines and stare into the eyes of a famous celebrity and become aroused.

I love eyes, they are the "mirrors to the soul," they just do not turn me on that much.

This type of sexual interest can be fun if you know how to keep it under control, but if you don’t, it can be a bit of a challenge.

A person with Oculophilia will have to find ways in which to suppress or release the accumulating sensation between their legs while staring into a boss or coworkers eyes all day long.

Like every other person with a fetish, the trick is to turn up the heat at home with some tantalizing teasing and exploration of the partner's fantasy while understanding that the other person may or may not also have this fetish, they might just be accepting of it.

If they are not actually physically with you, you can always get them to send a pic or message to your phone and sext things up a bit that way. In fact, sexting is one of the best and safest ways to explore fantasies and fetishes with a partner.

It can be the color, the lashes, or just the shape of the eyes that arouse someone.

Did you know that a fetish of the eyes can also be considered an art form?

In fact, there are some people who love to dress up their lover’s eyes in extreme makeup and jewels. This worshipping of the “mirrors to the soul” can be lots of fun that can quickly get kinky, hot and sweaty. This type of foreplay can strengthen a couple’s sexual relationship and creating a trust bond between them.

Love knows no boundaries and neither do fetishes! To find more information about fetishes follow me here or visit my fetish topics page on Arousr.com.

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