Yesterday’s cowboy pots that boil the coffee on coals to today’s gourmet brewers, there is a coffee brewer for all tastes, all lifestyles, all budgets, and all counter spaces.

Coffee Maker has come a long way. So where do you start to find the Coffee Brewer of your dreams

Before heading to the home appliance aisle of your favorite store, do your homework a little bit.

Consider what kind of coffee you prefer, How many times do you drink coffee, how much space do you have for a coffee maker, how much you can afford to spend on a coffee machine. These are the issues involved in the decision to buy an espresso or coffee machine without espresso.

Choose a coffee brewer: espresso or without espresso.

Espresso coffees are fancy. They cost more than any type of coffee brewer (some cost thousands of dollars) and make a variety of types of coffee, including cappuccino and lattes.

Espresso machines often only make one cup of coffee at a time and require cleaning after every cup. The coffee is stronger than the one brewed by other means.

True coffee lovers often prefer to use the espresso machine, especially the super-automated models that do everything from the ground coffee to the cup.

Espresso-free coffee machines work well for people who like to start the coffee and continue their usual activities during the brew.

They buy coffee already brewed and do not bother with beans or ground. Typical coffee drinkers who prefer to have a coffee pot available at all times and who are not interested in milk coffee or other versions of the coffee tend to prefer non-espresso coffees.

For coffee drinkers who need large amounts of coffee, coffee without espresso is the solution.

Large percolating coffee urns can be used to make more than one hundred cups of coffee at a time.

Non-espresso coffee machines are much cheaper than espresso machines.

Selecting a coffee maker: Non-Espresso

For those who need a smaller amount, it is better to buy a model that is 4 cups (or less) at a time. These coffeemakers are available in drip models, French press, and combination. Drip machines often make 6 to 10 cups of coffee at a time. Drip coffee makers are inexpensive and easy to use.

Coffee pods can be inexpensive, but the coffee itself costs more than the standard pre-mug coffee boxes. There are coffee pods that use individual pods to prepare the coffee. Coffee combinations including espresso and non-espresso coffees in a machine are also available.

French Press cafes are perfect for a few cups of coffee at a time. These machines give coffee drinkers the best of both worlds.

Selecting a coffee maker: Espresso
These machines make fewer cups at a time and may require more time and attention than a standard drip coffee maker.

Espresso coffeemakers are available in semi-automatic, fully automatic and super-automatic models.

The more an espresso machine is automated, the more features it offers. Some take care of everything from grinding coffee beans to filling the cup with coffee and grinding the ground coffee.

The more the espresso machine offers features, the higher the price. These coffee brewers can cost hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars.

The first decision to make in choosing a coffee machine is the need to determine whether an espresso machine or an espresso-free coffee machine is necessary. The preferences of coffee, the budget and the amount of coffee to be made are factors that influence the decision-making process.

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