Along the years, i´ve seen many kind of people with many kind of approaches to the Tarot readings I or others gave them.

Many became obsessed, many snubbed the given information, some listened carefully, others taped the reading, and so on.

However the consultant approaches the reading, there is one thing he/she should never, NEVER do. That is to let the reading influence his own free will (in fact, this is more of an issue to the reader, but I´ll adress this in a later post).

Dear consultant, please bear in mind that the reader has no special gift from God, even if he chooses to say so. Remember the reader is only a means to convey a message, and the inspiration (or whatever you call it) the reader has when making a reading is given for that session only by someone on the Heavens Above. There is absolutely no guarantee that because he/she was so spot on once, he/she will be again.

And even if the session is blessed with a good performance by the reader, he/she is only talking the words that came to it´s mouth by inspiration from above.

However, there is one thing you, dear consultant, be aware of. The message conveyed is (if the session is not under some very evil influence, which is kind of rare) exactly the message the Heavens Above wanted you to hear. Either the outcome is to become fullfilled or not, the message was trully the word of the Heavens spoken directly to you.

What you do with that information is completely up to you. You may believe it, you may adjust some behaviours, you may ignore it, or you may ask yourself the intrinsic value of what was spoken to you.

Remember the movie Matrix, when Neo went to the Oracle and she told him he was not the one? Even after the same Oracle told Morpheus that Neo WAS the one?

Remember what Morpheus said to Neo when he tried to explain that the Oracle told him he was not the one? Yes, he told him that the Oracle told him exactly what he needed to hear to fullfill his goal, whatever goal it was. And Morpheus was right. Neo was indeed the one.

That is exactly how you should approach the words spoken to you at a Tarot reading. It is like an open uplink to Heaven, so take it this way. Things may or maybe not become reality, some because you´ve changed the setting afterwards, some because they were meant to be that way, but please remember that those words are to be scrutinized as you would scrutinize a conversation with somebody giving you advice where you knew that person knew much more than was telling you.

Ask yourself why would you need to hear that message? That way, you will take decisions on your own, rationalized by your own mind and get the most out of a reading without hurting your own free will, that is the most wonderfull gift given to you.

So, enjoy your reading but stay humble and aware that you do not know everything about yourself and your own life.

Author's Bio: 

I started this spiritual journey many years ago. Apart from some spiritual and divinatory experiences I had in my childhood.

I was only 15 when i became interested in the I-Ching, which led me deep into this world of divinatory arts. In 3 years time I was giving lectures on the I-Ching for dozens of people.

Soon after I was studying deeply many of this themes which gave me a broad insight on the power of these ancient arts as well as many years of experience reading for people.

Soon after the I-Ching and my newly discovered passion, I was travelling to Southern France to study the Cathars, Rennes-le-Chatteau, Montsegur, etc. Then the Vatican, where I had a strange spiritual experience while in the cave where St Peters was imprisioned. Even the bosnian pyramids got my attention and I went there to study and feel them first hand.

I cast the Tarot right in the Montsegur castlet where the Cathars were exterminated and got surprisingly results. Even now i hold that deck with some pride.

I did it too while walking the Santiago camino during Winter with one hell of a snow storm… while chased by a bear!

The I-Ching led me to other arts, I became very keen on the LeNormand Tarot, the one created by the personal advisor of Napoleon Bonaparte. Then the pendulum as I was delaying my dive in the mainstream Tarot on purpose.

However it became inevitable. I am now very glad I did all the journey before as I could understand the Tarot with such insights which would be impossible if it had been different.

I became absorbed by the teachings of the Law of One, CC Zain, by the Saint-Germain Tarot, Samael Aun Weor, by the talks with my personal spiritual advisor near where I live and by the words of some gnostic masters that I encountered on the way.

All of it made so much sense that I was terrified so much lightness around me regarding one of the best tools for self knowledge available to mankind. Everything is there…

Now, 20 years after the beggining of this “formal” learning, I feel I must share the knowledge I gathered as a tool for others to enjoy and maybe grow.

Growth is the key here. Remember:

You do not GO to Heaven, you GROW to Heaven!