Since the purpose of using the patient bed is different from the normal bed models, it should have different features than the normal beds. The aim of the production of patient beds is to shorten the recovery period of the patients and to prevent the occurrence of different discomforts. Therefore, the priority of the companies producing beds should be patient safety and comfortable. The first feature sought in the patient bed is that it is orthopedic. It is made of soft material that can take the shape of the body for people who have to go to bed constantly.

Special Designs for Long Term Patients

Our company realizes all kinds of bed design. Lying in the same position for a long time and not moving will cause irreversible damage to the circulatory system, musculoskeletal system. To prevent these disturbances, there should be bearings that can move and support the people's movement system. If the patient can move alone, he / she should ensure that he / she can get out and out of the bed comfortably and that the length of the bed should be adjusted. The greatest risk of conscious or unconscious patients is falling out of bed. Therefore, the patient should be protected against the risk of falling and guardrails should be available. It is important that the bed is water-resistant if the patient is washed and the toilet is covered. Mattress fabric and seams should be waterproof. Quality patient bed models include all the features that we have mentioned. You can benefit from our article while choosing the quality bed model.

Does the Insurance Institution Cover the Patient Bed?

The Social Security Institution has been engaged in order to prevent the bed wounds of persons who have had to go to bed for a long time and who have insufficient financial resources. If you wish to look after your sick relative at home, you can request that the costs of the hospital bed be paid by the state. There are some applications you need to take to cover the patient bed. You must first obtain a report from the state hospital where your patient is being treated. With the report you have received, you should go directly to the provincial SSI office and request a bed. With the report you have received, if you go to the medical store and get a bed, there will be no allowance. Therefore, you should apply to the relevant institution and wait for the bed to arrive at your address. In order to cover the bed, the application must be made only to the insurance institution. The beds sent by SSI are among the air bed models that comply with the standards of the bed and prevent the occurrence of bed sores to a great extent. In order to benefit from the insurance policy of the patients' support policy, all you have to do is to submit your prescription and report from your doctor.

Where to Get Patient Bed?

You can benefit from the support provided by the insurance institution to meet your patient bed needs. If your patient's condition does not meet the criteria of the insurance institution, you can get the bed model you need. We recommend that you consult your patient's physician before selecting the bed model that is appropriate for your patient's condition. Your doctor's advice will help you choose the right bed model. Companies selling medical products will show you the patient bed models from the catalog and send them to your address when you give preference. Bed manufacturing companies sometimes make factory sales. In agreement with such companies, you can obtain directly from factory sales. If your patient is not in a serious condition and has to stay in bed for a long time, you can benefit from the bed rental service instead of buying the bed. Bed rental is preferred more often than sales. You can also take advantage of our rental advantages to reduce the cost and not to occupy space at home after the recovery period.

How to Install a Patient Bed?

After the purchase or rental of the patient bed, delivery and installation of the bed to the address usually belongs to the selling company. Even when shopping online, the fee includes delivery and installation fees. However, if you have had to install the bearing yourself, you should know that there is no complicated process to be afraid of. The degree of installation of the bearing may vary depending on the number of motors. While the two-motor bearings are easy to install, the three-and four-motor bearings may seem a bit complicated. We deliver the patient bed to your address as disassembled. Inside the box, there are four parts: bearing frame, motor, railings and hood. The engine part usually comes mounted on the frame. If you mount the head of the bed first, your work will be easier. The railing places can be different in each bed. The balustrade is placed directly on the bed edge. You can do this without having to use any tools. The installation stage of the bearing is very important. We recommend that you install it meticulously and diligently to ensure long and trouble-free use. Installation service is taken into consideration when determining the patient bed price. Therefore, you do not need to pay for the installation. If you wish, you can take advantage of our company services. Know more about hasta yatağı and hasta yatağı kiralama

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