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Meditation has been around for thousands of years, a testament of its many benefits to anyone who does it.

However, not everyone tends to enjoy the full benefits of meditation. It could be because they have not been doing pretty well when it comes to meditating. They commit a lot of mistakes along the way.

To make sure you get the results you want out of meditation, take note of these tips:

Sit comfortably. Unknown to many, there are actually different ways on how to sit when you meditate. Those who really practice meditation such as Buddhist monks are used to sitting on any type of floor, even rough surfaces and floors that are made of wood and cement. On the other hand, there are individuals who don’t find these surfaces very comfortable, such as the Americans.

Again, the rule is comfort. You can decide to sit on any clean and smooth surface, or you can sit on a chair. The most important thing is you can sit and breathe properly.

Breathing is an important aspect in meditation. It is in slow deep breaths you can bring your focus to the present moment. By concentrating your efforts on the breaths, you will learn to declutter your mind from unnecessary worry, which can prevent you from getting the most out of meditation.

If you want to sit on the surface but don’t want to feel the coldness of the wood or cement, you can add a rug, blanket, or carpet. Some lean their backs on the wall. This is not advisable. So usually you are going to be leaning on nothing. If this is going to be the case, make sure you can have your spine aligned. Your shoulders are upright and on the same level. Your chin is slightly held high. You can also do the lotus position, which is very common for yogis (or those who practice yoga).

If you’re sitting on a chair, ensure you can have your feet firmly planted on the floor or ground. If the chair appears to be too high and you cannot find anything that’s smaller, you can place a stool or a couple of pillows until your feet are parallel to the legs of the chair. Place your hands on your lap. Make sure you don’t lean back on the chair. Feel the alignment of your spine.

Play subliminal messages. Meditation is one of the best times to place subliminal messages into the subconscious. They become more necessary if you’re trying to change your thought patterns to no avail. The subliminal messages can be powerful enough to affect your conscious mind. Moreover, because they are embedded into your subconscious, they can no longer be removed.

Subliminal messages, in relation to meditation, can be a series of affirmations or positive statements to change anything negative to something positive. Since the subconscious is found at the deeper portion of your mind, you may have to repeat the subliminal messages a lot of times before they can take effect.

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