You hire a removalists to lend a hand you with the oh-so-stressful chore of moving house. To your utter displeasure, the time between contacting the Home Removals Adelaide and getting your possessions in your new home is an unbearable mini-episode through hell.

Naturally, the blame falls on the removalists and they are tagged with all sorts of names from rude to hopeless, and everything in between.

But have you ever stopped to think, “What did I do that might have caused, or at least exacerbated the situation?” True, many an unprofessional removalists lie waiting for the unsuspecting victim, but sometimes, things might go a little better, or even just plain great, with the right input from you.

What’s your part in all of this?

You can set the stage for a smooth move or a disaster either before or during the move. Here are 5 things you can do to help your movers give you the best service they can.

1. Understand What You Need

Before anyone can give you what you want, you should first know what it is exactly that you’re trying to get. This should be the first thing to be checked on your have-to-do list.

On what day should the removalists arrive and at what time? By when do you have to be in your new home? Are you self-packing? How big of a company do you need? These and other questions, when answered precisely, pave the way for a good experience with the moving of your choice.

You should also understand how much money you are ready to spend on the move and awareness about items that are especially difficult to move.

2. Make Your Experience Easier By Sticking To Your Agreement

It’s important to take your time when deciding on the specifics of your move. Once they are communicated with your removalists, it’s in there, and even more importantly, your own interest to take them as set in stone.

By going back and forth between options, you not only put yourself at risk of getting terrible service but you also hamper the business of the removalists themselves, and the schedules of their other clients.

It’s important to note that removalists need to plan as well. More often than not, these plans are a domino pattern formed by other clients, and commitments to their own internal aspects of their business. They also have to coordinate with other businesses as well; like suppliers of boxes and other moving materials.

Your change of mentality might have extensive penalty.

3. Understand the Company

You would do well to check just how strong the hands of the one promising to catch you are. Moving house – it can be a long way down.

The problem is some removalists might claim to have the equipment, manpower, and expertise to handle your move, when in fact they are a mere whirlpool of shoddy subcontractors and sharp corner cutting waiting to suck you in.

It’s on you to do your research. Ask questions – lots of them. Like what equipment do they have? Are they affiliated with the Australian Association of Furniture Removal? If they are members of AFFs, chances are they are a reputable removals. How long have they been in business? Have they handled such a move as mine before? What are their reviews?
Fortunately today, all this information can be had with a simple Google search.

4. Communicate Effectively

Let’s assume you understand what you need and you have also zoomed in on one company which all research has shown to be the best for you. The next important thing from here would be effective communication.

Unless they have a special department of crystal ball reading and fortune telling, how are your furniture movers supposed to know what you want? Communicate your schedule, what you need, and when. Is there anything special about the move that the removalists must know?

But it’s also important to understand that effective communication is timely communication. Last minute instructions may have little to zero use as far as your removalists organization and preparedness go.

5. Don’t Be Afraid to Ask For Customized Service

While they are a business with laid down procedures, costs and time frames, Removalists Adelaide may still have an allowance for that special need you might have. You might be surprised to find out how much most would be willing to bend their back to give you a customized service if you would simply ask.

There is no need for you to subject yourself to an unforgettable move, memorable only for its horrific nature. By making sure you do all these 5 things, there is no reason why you shouldn’t have a stress free move.

Author's Bio: 

Adler Conway work full time as a freelance writer and editor. He is passionate about moving services and writes blogs on various moving services.