You may be confused about where to begin if you plan a major home renovation that involves multiple rooms and projects. Is it better to focus on out-of-sight places, so that communal spaces remain available longer, or to begin in common areas, such as the kitchen or living room, so that they are out of sight?

If you’re handling the renovation yourself…

If your remodeling plans are on the mild side — or if they are mostly cosmetic (like painting, tiling, or flooring), you may attempt to tackle them yourself. Renovation Specialist recommends choosing an attack plan based on how comfortable you feel living along with a renovation.

If you want to complete the project quickly, he suggests breaking it down into sections, choosing a starting point that works for you, and moving your way through adjacent or adjoined spaces while avoiding jumping around to different areas, which can prolong your project. It’s also a good idea to start with your biggest priority, he says, which is usually the kitchen. If you run out of money or energy, you have at least accomplished the most important area. Therefore, choosing the starting point is intensely personal-but ultimately, this is the method that will make you feel the happiest.

Having trouble deciding? As a renovationist advises, the first priority room should be repaired first, followed by the cosmetic changes once they are completed. Or, think of it this way: Take care of the more intense projects first. “Start with messy stuff first because it will create an obvious improvement, which feels rewarding,” he says, ultimately motivating you to keep going.

If you’re hiring a professional…

A remodeling job that is more extensive and requires the assistance of a professional is typically dictated by a specialist who has to handle the project. If your crew asks you for your preference, he says that you cannot go wrong with an inside-out approach since plumbing and electrical work will most likely be done at the same time.

“You should begin by looking at the inside of the house (such as mechanical features in the walls and floors) and then move to the outside (such as cosmetic finishes). A professional team, of course, knows where to begin — and where to go from there, which is one of the benefits of hiring them for larger, multi-trade projects. “The pros can accomplish these projects more quickly, so you don’t have to dwell in a renovation workspace for longer than necessary,” a Renovation Specialist says.

Whatever you do, don’t choose wrong.

A professional team can help you avoid disastrous results by working in the correct order (which is another reason why hiring one is so vital). A home renovation contractor also mentions that you may be forced to spend time and money making repairs (especially if you messed up on paint or flooring). It is also possible that bigger mishaps may be required to be investigated by an expert, yet, “Taking a methodical approach will save you time and money while producing better results,” he concludes.

What’s the best value room?

Almost everyone knows that Home renovation in vancouver are substantial investments, but they don’t necessarily have to be. You can still remodel your house without breaking the bank. First, you have to decide which rooms to start with to make sure you’re getting the most bang for your buck.

Here is a helpful guide to assist you in renovating your home affordably.

1. Kitchen

In most homes, the kitchen is the top choice when it comes to home improvement projects, and this is no surprise, since it is the heart of most homes. In fact, if you have plans to sell your house, you must make repairs to your kitchen, as it is the area where potential buyers focus their attention. The best way to sell your house is to accept offers from cash buyers or We Buy Houses companies, unless you prefer a stress-free process.

If you want to renovate your kitchen without spending a lot of money, concentrate on changing the textures and colors.

2. Extensions

Do you desire more space in your house? With an extension, your home can be expanded and you can add a dining room, guesthouse, or bedroom. Compared to converting your basement or loft, home additions are less restrictive. The best way to reduce the cost of home extensions is to use some salvage materials and perform some DIY projects. You must, however, check with the relevant government authority regarding the regulations regarding such renovations. Applying for a building permit might also be necessary.

3. Attic

Think an extension isn’t a great idea? Or it’s too expensive for you? Convert your attic instead. It’s great to convert an unfinished, accessible attic into a man cave or a bedroom if you have one. Your attic can be used to add additional living space to your house without breaking the bank if the ceiling height is at least seven feet high and it’s connected by a stairway.

4. Basement

When there are many simple, inexpensive things that can be done to make a basement useful, many homeowners choose to leave them unfinished. Change your basement instead of following suit!

As with your attic, you can turn your basement into another living area or bedroom, but installing a home movie theater is a more brilliant idea. Basements are dark and quiet, so they are perfect for home cinema. To avoid the dark movie theater’s dungeon-like feeling, use patterned wall coverings and light-colored sofas and armchairs.

Install a home gym instead for a basement remodeling idea that will be more cost-effective. Because basements are generally cooler, you should take advantage of this by setting up a fitness center there. Use a mirror to make your room appear larger. As you exercise, the mirror also helps to ensure proper body alignment.

5. Bathrooms

When remodeling your home, don’t forget to take the bathroom into account. Try some fresh looks to give your bathroom a calm, contemporary, and sleek feel.

6. Living Room

You will probably spend the majority of your time as a family in the living or family room, and when you entertain guests, make some changes to the décor and design of the room to make it more aesthetically pleasing and inviting.


The decision-making process involved in home renovation can be somewhat overwhelming. For example, you must decide whether to hire a professional home renovation company or do it yourself. You also must decide which rooms to renovate first. The advice provided above should help you choose which rooms will provide the best return on your investment when you renovate, especially if you intend to sell your home soon.

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