Sex is a pleasurable act and both men and women enjoy it. However, if you are a single man then how do you find pleasure without having a real partner? There are a few ways to go about it. There is chatting, video call, virtual sex, masturbation and online sex dolls.

Masturbation is the most common way to achieve pleasure without having a physical touch of a partner and many men go for it. Read on to know in detail, the options that a single man has for sexual release.

Masturbation – Masturbation is the most used technique for pleasuring by men who aren’t with a partner at the current moment. However, even with masturbation men shouldn’t try to beat one out quickly. It puts the body under extreme stress to perform. Go slow and enjoy the journey of getting there. Fantasise and take deep breaths to keep yourself calm to slowly reach the peak for maximum pleasure.

Virtual sex – Virtual sex has risen in popularity with changes in technology. Almost all of us now have access to communication devices and the internet. This means that we can connect with others virtually – either through video calls, voice calls or chats. Single men can make use of this to find sexual pleasure. There are websites and apps that allow webcam chats or sex chats with women. That way they can enjoy the release without physically having a partner.

Sex dolls – Sex dolls have become a reality now. Many retailers provide the option of sex dolls for pleasure. These dolls are real looking and made of silicone to give an impression of a real women. Their physical structures are very much like the female form, with breasts, buttocks and even a hole that mimics a vagina. The “vagina” can hold a man’s penis and the “walls” are just like a woman’s. Single men can use this to find pleasure alone.

Sex toys–Sex toys are a great and inexpensive way to switch things up. Penis rings, prostrate massager, rimming simulator, vibrating butt plugs and masturbation sleeves are an array of sex toys that men can use to find pleasure. In a masturbation sleeve, you can switch from the hand to a toy that mimics a woman’s vagina. If you are into ass play, then vibrating butt plugs will add to your pleasure while you masturbate.

There are also acts that is not sex but can feel like or match up to sex. You can make out with someone for hours and hours, just like teenagers. There is pleasure in the acts and it creates intimacy. You can channel the sexy energy that way. Try oral sex with your partner or ask your partner to give you oral sex. It is different from penetrative sex but is still pleasurable. Tease each other in a naughty way to amp up the sexual energy around you. When you finally initiate sex it will be a lot of fun.

Single men can also find pleasure without having an actual permanent partner.These days there are many ways to fulfil your physical needs without having a real, physically present female partner to meet them. You can sit in the comfort of your room and have virtual sex with someone who is online. They will stimulate you and enable you to reach your pleasure. So even though you are single, then too you can find release.

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