Reducing the size of office is one of the best and easiest ways to save money and also to keep the yearly budget in control. If you find any unused space in your office space, you are actually wasting the money which can be used elsewhere. You may think that a smaller office will have a negative impact on the employees’ productivity, which is absolutely in contrast to the fact that smaller office is always beneficial. Smaller office spaces will have some great advantages, which in turn help employees be more productive and creative.
Here are a few benefits offered by small office space:
1. Less Noise: It’s quite obvious that a smaller office space can accommodate fewer employees, and definitely the noise will be lesser. It’s true that, noise can be a greatest distraction for an employee, which makes it really hard for them to concentrate on their work. But in smaller office spaces, noise will be comparatively lesser than big office spaces, which allows employees to be more creative and productive in their working hours.

2. Ergonomic Furnishings: Generally, smaller office spaces will have a great interior design along with the ergonomic furnishings offered to the employees. As the company will not have spent a great amount on the office space, they certainly will think of enhancing the beauty by investing on interior design and furnishings. Physical comfort plays a very important role in enhancing the productivity of an employee. When they aren’t comfortable, they often keep changing the position, which kills their time as well as their urge to be creative.

3. Access to Natural Light: Lightings at workplace is yet another factor that plays a great role in increasing or decreasing the productivity of an employee. In smaller office spaces, one single window can ventilate the vast area of the office, providing the access to natural light to the employees. Of course, there are bulbs that can mimic natural light to some extent, but the effect and freshness of natural light can never be mimicked.

4. Great Interior: Office interior is also an important element that will have a psychological impact on the employees. For instance, the colour; colours like yellow and orange can make the employees feel creative and cosy; too much of red can bring conflicts through the aggression; blue and green can have a soothing influence on the employees. If you are on a lease term which doesn’t allow you to paint the walls, you can consider peel-and-stick wallpapers that are available in the market today.

Along with the above mentioned key benefits, small office space has got lots of benefits to offer, which make the employees feel more creative during the working hour; smaller the office, productive will be the employees!

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