Even though some states consider cannabis a legal form of medication, there are exceptions. This means that you need to take steps in order to protect yourself when you’re on vacation. Here are some tips that you should employ in order to continue being able to use your medication without fear of retribution.

Understand Regulations

Do a little bit of research before you plan your next vacation. This will give you more information in regards to the quantity of cannabis that you can safely have in your possession. There may also be other factors that need to be taken into account in order to keep yourself safe. For example, public use of cannabis varies from state to state. There may also be designated locations in which cannabis is allowed to be used. Schools and parks and so many feet from them may be considered areas in which cannabis is forbidden.

Carry Your Prescription

Always carry your cannabis prescription with you so that you can prove that your use is legitimate. Law enforcement is much less likely to hassle you if you can show that you require the use of cannabis in order to keep your health condition in check. It also provides you with a platform on which you can show that you aren’t using cannabis as an illicit drug, but simply as a prescribed medical treatment.

Find Friendly Accommodations

Some accommodations are more open to cannabis use on site than others. Finding 420-friendly vacation rentals will ensure that you don’t experience trouble if you decide that you want to use cannabis while you’re staying away from home. There are entire websites devoted to helping you find accommodations that are friendly for your medical needs. You won’t have to worry about having someone report you to law enforcement.

Program Assistance Numbers

There are legal aid programs in many areas that can provide you with assistance if you were to experience a problem with your cannabis use. Program these numbers into your phone before you leave for your trip. This will ensure that you can get the assistance that you require in a timely fashion and salvage the rest of your vacation. If you have a problem outside of the country, make sure that you have the number for your local embassy in your phone or on your person.

Traveling safely with cannabis requires that you take some extra steps to ensure that you’re prepared. Use these tips to get you started on planning your next vacation in a safe manner.

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