Technology is a cornerstone for any business to succeed in the current business environment. For any size business or any industry, technology is a necessary element to boost efficiencies and increase profits. Technology is a business investment and should be managed to maintain success. To identify value from your business investment, technology must:

1. Go in line with business goals
2. Provide significant business functions at high quality
3. Deliver measurable and specified service levels
4. Provide risk lessening tactics
5. Maintain cost efficacy

Does your technology meet the above requirements?

Aligning technology with business goals is very important to ensure increased effectiveness and continuity of technology investments. Technology must be a guide to meet business goals by helping facilitate business operations, business projects and projected business growth. Developing a technology strategy is necessary to align technology with business goals, and the strategy must be measured and managed to guarantee compliance.

When effectively implemented, technology provides significant business functions that include Sales & Marketing, Strategic Planning, Finance & Accounting, Human Resources, Customer Service, Operations, Manufacturing and Production, etc. High quality technology is recognized when service delivery or service levels meet business needs - meaning the technology services are present to keep business running smoothly when required. The technology strategy must detail measurable service levels needed to keep the business running.

Senior Management should verify how much risk a business is prone to withstand. The technology strategy should point out recommended risk reduction and improvement tactics for technology systems.

Technology expenditures include both expense costs and capital costs. Initial capital outlays are costly, and technology changes quickly which leaves older technology obsolete. The technology strategy should detail capital spending plans for innovations and upgrades. Technology maintenance and operations generally consumes about 65% of an IT budget. Maintaining cost efficiency isn’t an easy requirement. Operational efficiencies and proactive solutions provide demonstrated methods of boosting the overall effectiveness of your Technology investments.

How can technology managed services improve my business?

Technology Managed Services is outsourcing some or all of your technology infrastructure maintenance and operations to experienced IT experts. When you visit helpdesk comparison Services Providers, you’ll find out that they add value by replacing or assisting your current technology staff to increase the general performance of your technology investments, which helps improve your business.

All MSP's are not the same, but the best MSP's offer business clients:

1. Cost effectiveness
2. Great service levels
3. Risk alleviation tactics
4. High quality technology delivery
5. Technology strategy planning

Additionally, MSP's have to provide:

1. Useful information on how Managed Services solutions helps improve your business
2. Useful information and knowledge to help your business identify with what Managed Services offers
3. A no-obligation meeting to evaluate your current technology environment and give a recommended trick for Managed Services.

Outsourcing to experienced technology experts provides an ideal means to get the most out of your technology investments, and also helps you focus on your business.

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This content is written by Stephanie F.