Social media presence is an absolute necessity for any business today. Whether you are a service provider or a goods manufacturer, your social media existence makes your brand gain massive recognition.

It is said that if you are giving back to society what you gained, you must make sure somebody gets inspired to do the same.

Thus, Avacare Medical realized the importance of telling people about their great service to society, and what better way to do it than share it among a 4.2 billion audience of social media!

How does AvaCare Medical utilize Social Media to Promote the Brand?
Avacare Medical has a social media presence across multiple social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest, and Google+.

Each social networking website has its own benefits and differs in terms of usage. But to sum up, here are the 5 ways social media helps AvaCare Medical to promote and connect with people.
1. Social Media helps promote AvaCare Medical Programs
With more than 7000 likes on our Facebook Page, AvaCare often posts about their programs to help create awareness among the audience about the various types of projects that are being catered by us.

Not only it creates awareness but the ones looking for the right platform that provides helps through such initiatives, don’t have to go through the hassle of searching across multiple mediums both online and offline.

When people write about us we always appreciate and share it with our audience to help them feel comfortable with us; whether they are donors or the ones in need of our products.

Like in this example below:

2. Social Media connects Customers, Donors, and Beneficiaries
We are always looking for ways to help people find the medical supplies and equipment that they are looking for but cannot afford and strive to make lives easier.

Social Media is a great medium for this purpose, we post about different programs and products of different categories currently available and the donors are welcomed to donate as much and as little as they want.

Some of the facilities that aren't covered in insurance can be of great importance to people but unfortunately, they are unable to afford it.

Not only we promote our programs but also your campaign pages on our social media to help you reach your set goals of donation needed.
3. Social Media plays a vital role in Trust Building for AvaCare
When people hear from others who have availed our service and are benefiting from our programs, it helps them make their mind too.

Customer feedback plays a crucial part in any business to maintain and increase its existing market reputation. We are very open about our review policy and welcome both negative and positive feedback from our clients and donors.

For example, our Facebook review section is filled with customer feedback that anyone can easily go and look up at before making a purchase with us or applying for one of our programs.

4. Social Media Can Save Lives
There are so many examples of internet helping save lives that our faith in humanity has been restored. Social media spreads people’s stories by fire and help end years of struggles people go through by simply sharing it!

For instance, With just one simple offer to help, we were able to turn Jamie Spinello’s heartbreaking story into one that is so heartwarming.

A little back story:
What happened was when AvaCare reached out to people to check if any of you were in need because of the ‘shutdown’, we got plenty of respondents that shared a shutdown story of theirs and asked us to help them out.

With the support of two of our sister companies, Murse World and Medical Scrubs Collection, we helped each and every individual in need that reached out to us.

However, one of the stories we received stood out to us and broke our heart as we read it; a customer named Jamie Spinello, who has a terminal illness and her daily treatments relying completely on a military alimony cheque.

The cheque, unfortunately, couldn't arrive due to the shutdown and Jamie felt completely helpless and made her mind that she wouldn’t survive.

Because this 5’7 foot tall woman with just 63 lbs of total body weight, had her life dependent on that cheque which would pay for her medication and treatments.

So we decided to do whatever we could to help her continue with her medical treatments as usual. We publicized Jamie’s story on our Social Media and created a ‘GoFundMe’ page on our website, dedicated to her medical expenses.

Luckily, the response we received was beyond our imagination and we are more than glad to see that happen! You can read the full story here.

5. Social Media Keeps People Updates with our Offers
Promotional offers are always an excellent way to encourage more and more customers to come forward and avail our medical services to ease out their lives.

Most commonly, these discounted offers and partnership programs are aimed to engage the audience and make customers a little more happy than usual.

Traditional marketing campaigns cost a lot more than promoting our offers via social media. Not only it saves time and money, but it reached to a wider audience.

Also, through social media, you can deliver your brand’s right tone and voice and at the same time, make a connection with your customers by providing them with a more relatable marketing approach.

We try to keep our offers as exciting as possible to help our customers avail and benefit from them. For example, by simply applying a coupon code a customer with an order total of $150+, a customer could avail a $5 off on the entire purchase.

Final Thoughts.
Overall, social media has helped us a lot in making our existence possible into the online world. So far, we have successfully promoted and helped a lot of campaigns on our social media and aim to grow more.

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