Social media marketing is an important way of promoting a business. With the rapid advancement in the field of technology, there is increasing number of people started using a smartphone. Social media tools like Facebook, Twitter is quite popular among people because they can be easily accessed via a smartphone, provided the user is connected to Internet. With increasing use of social media tools among end users, it provides a good potential to marketers in using social media tool for promoting their business. There are many benefits possible to an organisation from using social media tools. The important ones are discussed as follows:

Easy Reach to End Consumers: The most significant advantage to businesses in using social media as they can easily reach the target customers. Social media is highly popular among all the younger generation; they can be easily targeted for all the marketing efforts by a company. By having a social media platform and encouraging the end users to participate in online discussions, it can be possible to achieve great level of success in terms of positive sales and performance.

Paid Advertising to Reach Mostly Targeted Customers: Facebook is an important social media platform that is Highly popular among users, and the best advantage to business in utilising Facebook is that it provide paid advertising facility as well. The users can select the page advertising tool of Facebook and they can target appropriate customers with their products and services offerings over Facebook. This is another great advantage in utilising Facebook among businesses.

Lower Marketing Cost: it is important for every types of business organisations to market their products and services so that they can create awareness among the end users, and persuade them to purchase their products and services. Facebook profile a good platform to do online advertising at lower cost. The advantage is that it helps in reaching the target audience at lower cost as compared to other platform of online marketing.

Better Customer Experience: With the help of social media marketing, it can be possible for an organisation to provide a good experience to the end customer. This is mainly because this online platform allows the customers to directly reach the company and provide the suggestions which could be integrated to the products and services offerings made by the company. This will help in better serving the customers and ultimately leads to enhance level of customer experience.

Increasing Online Trends among Customers Provide Better Growth Opportunities- With the increasing use of technology and social media platform among end users, there is increasing level of online purchasing trends identified over years. As a result of this, the application of social media platform would be a great help to businesses in reaching more customers, and serving a huge number of audience. This provides them with good growth opportunities to accelerate the learning by way of serving more and more customers our online platform.

These are the major benefit of social media marketing available to businesses. However it is essential that they should devise appropriate marketing strategy assignment that can help them in doing well over online platform.

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