We, as a society, are being put to a test. We are at a time of our existence as human beings when we must band together or else there is going to be continued destruction that will have more and more personal resonance.

The way we treat one another and the amount of fear – rather than love – that runs rampant in our world is debilitating. It is more than difficult to sit here and watch, feeling helpless while people make poor decision after poor decision.

But the poor decision making ends with YOU. In other words – are you in or are you out? Are you for peace or are you for peace?

From Ferguson to Eric Garner, we need to look at what is happening in our society as what it is – a wake up call. When are we going to see the big picture and awaken to our personal responsibility that each and every one of us has?

When one of us is killed, our society takes a step backwards. When one person is unlawfully mistreated, we suffer as a human race. And smaller attacks - judgment, blame, hate - are still attacks on man-kind. Who is going to end the suffering, you ask?

You are. The quicker we wake up and do our individual part, the quicker we will see an end to all of the chaos and confusion. And can I tell you where this chaos and confusion comes from? It comes from within – it is our own internal fears projected into society.

We have moved so far away from the truth – love, compassion, humility and humanity – that we have created a mess of ourselves. We are literally to blame – but we also have the incredible chance to make up for our mistakes ten-fold.

And that is what we must start doing today. There are seven days in the week and “someday” is not one of them.

It is the time to right our wrongs. Part of this comes by acceptance for what has been and part of it comes from a realization that what has been does not need to be any more. It is time to write the future of history with love. It is time to put an end to suffering and begin a new journey of unity and compassion.

It all starts within you. It all starts on the search for internal peace so that our external world reflects this peace within. I can assure you that this peace is within you, so let’s start asking some questions to get there.

What do you stand for? Who are you? What gives your life meaning – and how are you going to contribute to the whole?

When we can ask ourselves such questions, we are presented with big answers. And these answers result in change – the change we need to see in the world.

There is only one way we must go and that way is forward into new action – action of kindness. Kindness is a form of love, and...

Love is contagious.

Garrett Paknis
Creator/Writer of www.justenlightenment.com


Author's Bio: 

Creator and writer of justenlightenment.com, Garrett Paknis is an actor, artist and spiritualist living in downtown, NYC with a mission to inspire YOU to live from the deepest part of yourself.