Onions, garlic and salt are the essential trio of the kitchen. They are used to flavor almost everything you do on a daily basis. But you can go further, transforming common dishes with new flavors, aromas and colors using cheap and easy-to-find herbs and spices. It is important to note that to preserve their aromas and flavors, all condiments should be stored in tightly closed containers in dry and fresh places - if you buy in packets, put them in a container. In case you have bought fresh herbs, store them in the lower part of the refrigerator in a plastic bag so that they last longer. Before using a condiment, smell it. If it has an off-odor or is not fresh, it is old and it is better to throw it away than to try to use it.

Spice and Seasonings

The flavors of food are really the set of sensations that you perceive when you eat them such as the visual impression, the aroma, the taste and the touch. The best recommendation for seasonings the food is to try the food as you are cooking it until you get the taste that is best to your liking. Remember that not everyone has the same palate. Learning to season food is like educating the palate, so that the sense is developed developing and then the palate is something like the memory of the flavor. One very important thing is to season with salt. Food that is seasoned properly should not taste very salty, but should have enough to highlight the flavors of the ingredients of each dish. Remember that it is important that the food is seasoned during cooking.

Vegan diet

A vegan or vegetarian food can provide all the nutrients that your body needs accept one, Vitamin B12, which must be supplemented or ingested through fortified foods. Omnivorous people obtain it with products of animal origin. Apart from this observation, the safety of this feeding model is a subject in which there is no controversy. The vegan diet must be properly planned. They are very healthy, properly distribution of nutrition and able to give numerous healthy benefits in order to treat and prevention of various disease. However, the vegan diet is primary choice for every stage of human life. This also includes pregnancy, lactation, childhood, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, as well as for athletes.

Gluten free food

Gluten is the name of the protein that is found in barley, wheat, grain hybrids and rye. This is a protein that can be consumed without any knowing problems. Although there are people those who are very much sensitive with gluten protein. With celiac disease, the health condition gets worse and this protein is not good for their health. People who suffer from it must have a gluten-free diet. Maintaining a glutenfree diet can be difficult. Gluten is found in a large amount of grains. The main ones are hybrids, rye, barley and wheat. It's in the bran, the semolina and the spelled. Also, you can find gluten protein in such flours such as graham flour, matza flour, white flour, enriched flour and leavening flour.

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