The today's world where we live in consists of a lot of material desires and material goods. In fact, it has been becoming a hard task for us to recognize the small things in life because we are always blinded by fame and riches. Take into account that no matter how simple these things can be, they are still more important to our lives than all the material possessions which will never take along as you die. Such small things include the notion of spiritual medicine in which people can really feel protected and saved from the evils and temptations in the world. By this term "spiritual", we can say that we are bringing ourselves openly to our God's faith and restoring our body in the spiritual state.

Balanced Body Aspects

It is true that human body does not only consist of physical being, but also other aspects including spiritual, emotional and mental beings. These things must be balanced within the human being so that the person has a healthy state. But one or two body parts are not always working well and thus, the whole body is undefendable to all kinds of negativity.

People cannot realize how important their spirituality is in order to keep their welfare. Especially in these days when we live in a society full of selfish and materialistic people; they tend to forget completely how to develop the spirituality and thus, saving themselves from danger. And as a person experiences descents in his or her spirituality, it is likely that his or her physical body is affected as well. This is when your body gets sick or is inflicted with all kinds of diseases. Even though scientifically he or she could be cured in this physical condition, it does not mean this is a complete cure for him.

Healing Body Through Healing Power

It is when spiritual medicine comes out. It is when an individual is cured not by drugs or physical therapies, but rather a healing power which is far greater than any drug which could be found on the world. The healing power comes from the outside of the universe; thus enters a person's wisdom and restore his or her functions as well as areas affected by his disease. This energy transfer is in fact a mysterious thing which no one can prove in an experimental and scientific manner, but for almost people simply this thing can be called faith.

For a person suffering from his or her illness and is waiting to be cured, spiritual medicine can easily exchange the healing power coming from God or from the outside to the negative powers which are building inside your body. This method can be performed by a healer has experienced spiritual development and awakening and is capable on mediating the transfer of the cure. Once the body's spiritual aspect is restored to its normal condition, he or she can say that finally he or she has been cured from his or her

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