Lately, many streaming platforms have appeared and they provide access to a huge amount of content for a small fee.

But at the same time, online piracy continues to exist and is still very popular.

Despite the best efforts of copyright holders, piracy has not disappeared. Pirates just moved from torrents to streaming.

It looked like with the advent of streaming services such as Netflix, the problem of piracy should be solved once and for all. But that did not happen. Rather the opposite thing happened.


The experts concluded that excessive exclusivity is to blame. Viewers have to buy a subscription to several streaming services. And if a subscription to one service is not too expensive, then the cost of a subscription to three or four services is already too high.

Someone will sigh and pay $40. And the other will decide that it is easier to download his favorite TV series from the tracker because the legal way is too complicated and expensive.

At the same time, statistics show that many of those who are engaged in piracy are subscribed to legal streaming services. Anti-piracy firm MUSO published a poll reiterates that 91% of pirated content consumers subscribe to services such as Netflix, Apple Music, Amazon Prime, and Spotify. While only 80% of those who do not break copyright law can boast of a subscription to legal services.

According to the same poll, 83% of pirates first searched for content on legal sites. After they didn’t find what they needed, they used the pirate services.

Most often, people from the United States visit pirate services. In December 2019, 1.2 billion visits were recorded. Next in this anti-rating are Russia (737 million visits), India (627 million), China (608 million), and Brazil (559 million).

In 2018, life became even easier for pirates. So, while downloading via uTorrent, you can now watch videos.

To rectify the piracy situation, services should reconsider their policies. Tariffs can be made more affordable. They also need a normal distribution of series around the world.

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