Strength of an individual

We usually consider a man or women as strong or weak in different aspects. Ayurveda acharyas have classified strength of man or woman as follows.

The strength of human beings may be sahaja , kalaja or yuktikrita.

Sahaja bala: sahaja bala or natural strength is the one which a man or woman has acquired from birth. These people are genetically strong and healthy .Their body and mind is healthy. They exhibit more satwik qualities. These people have a natural resistance to diseases, well built body and more stable and strong mind.

Kalaja bala: kalaja bala or strength which is time dependent changes with age, seasons and time. Usually men who are in youth are stronger than children and elderly. The body strength is more during winter than other seasons.

Yuktikrita: Yuktikrita bala is the strength acquired by practice and administration of rasayanas (rejuvenating preparations). Human beings can acquire good strength by practicing good food habits, healthy lifestyles and consuming rasayanas like drakshadi rasayana, amalaki rasayana etc which boost immunity and body strength.

Apart from these the strength of the body also depends on his geographical location (A person who lives near sea may feel low in strength in hilly areas which have high altitude), familial traits, health of sperm and ovum of parents.

Ayurveda acharyas decide the strength of an individual by assessing his physical strength (karmashakthi) and also the disease resisting capacity (vyadhi kshamatwa).

One can boost the strength of body and mind by practice. Here are few healthy tips recommended in texts of ayurveda for strong body and mind.

1.Consume healthy food according your digestion power.
2.Avoid opposite foods.
3.Exercise regularly according to your physical strength.
4.Consume herbal rasayanas after consulting a qualified ayurvedic physician.
5.Practice yoga and meditation.
6.Avoid over indulgence in sexual activities.
7.Control anger, jealous and other emotions which trouble your mind.
8.Do not suppress natural urges like passing urine, faeces, yawning, semen ejaculation etc.
9.Laugh , it always keeps you happy.

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