Submitting articles is a proven strategy use to boost online presence but it's also a perfect compliment to the ongoing efforts of many bloggers! Writing blog posts takes both time and practice to get the best results and coincidentally so does article writing! The fact is by virtue of doing both any blogger stands to benefit perhaps more so than those who do not maintain a blogging platform! When you consider that your blog posting is the core reason people visit your site obviously this is a practice you need to get comfortable with and good at as well!

Let's examine 3 ways article marketing helps compliment your efforts when writing blog posts!


Blogs like every other active site online needs traffic to survive and thrive! When you consider how much time you invest in writing blog posts with which to update your platform it would be a shame to have nobody read them! It's all about creating an online presence which leads to traffic and this is what article writing can bring you!


Let's face it whether you are writing blog posts or articles both require practice to improve your skills! In this case the more you write the better you become and when you can put it to good use either for your blog posting or traffic generation needs it's a win win situation! The degree or level of expertise you develop as a writer will also influence how much 'authority' your online presence projects to others! Working on the internet you always want to project both yourself and your business in the most favorable way possible!


Quite simply anytime you can take one skill or effort and put it to use in multiple ways you are increasing your own efficiency! In terms of gathering ideas or content for your articles you can always revert back to your previous blog posting efforts for something you use that is of relevance! Oh and by the way, remember that same piece of content is now being put to work to help increase your online presence and the traffic that results in for your site! There's a certain synergy to being able to achieve more than one task with the same effort and working online this is important since time is money!

Submitting articles is not only an effective marketing strategy but it's also great practice for anyone who is writing blog posts as well! The fact is that bloggers want and need to boost their online presence any way they can and circulating articles is a very effective way to do just that! In closing and to make one more point, for anyone involved in blog posting, any practice you get composing content will only make you a better blogger! Hopefully our discussion above has helped to illustrate how these 2 strategies compliment one another!

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TJ Philpott is an author and Internet entrepreneur based out of North Carolina.
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