A film written by Johnny Rio, directed by David Worth and featuring Don Trudeau in the filming cast, the 1978’s movie is a tantalizing and spicy adult film that resembles the previous 1974 movie “Marriage and Other Four Letter Words” in many ways--from “the let’s get to the chase” plot to brief appearances of XXX-rated 70s actresses.

The film is a challenge of the traditional marriage values and standards where sexual exploration was still a taboo for many. A couple played by Jon Roy Jones and Maggie Williams as his wife, seek new sexual avenues by checking out newspaper classifieds. As they read and think of their phantasies, they become realities in the form of vignettes which lead to full-blown sexual performances.

A bacchanal or in other more common words “orgy” between invited couples playing several sexual games, a topless dance, and sex in different places, positions and styles, e.g. in the kitchen, pool, are all memorable parts of the film. Of course, there is plenty of duo action by the two protagonists, who are probably playing the best (or worst) role of their careers. Let’s not forget some lesbian acting out as well.

The art bit

There are some excellent scenes where the camera gets to many close places for the shoot courtesy of Don Trudeau's skills.

The famous pornstar actress of the 70s Brigitte Maier, who has also covered Penthouse, is also starring in several vignettes and “steals the show” among a series of typical XXX scenes.

For many critics and viewers alike this is just another 70s adult XXX film that is a cheap knock-off of the previous 1974 “marriage and..” film. The majority of played scenes are similar to its predecessor and Roy Jones as well as Brigitte Maier are featured in both of these films.

The film isn’t, of course, horrible if you are seeking pure adult and “retro” entertainment but if you are looking for something more, this will probably be a letdown.

Retro hip

Retro adult films are very en vogue in hipster parties and anywhere that tongues are firmly in the cheeks (ahem). This one has an excellently cliched soundtrack that will no doubt pop up in a happening somewhere in New York. Far too kitch to give offense to any PC challenge this is a ‘dirty’ old film that will make you laugh as much as turn you on.

Modest adult audiences will find the“sex” too much and right in your face as there is no distinct storyline, plot or ambiance that climaxes to unpredictable scenes--even though some of the sex scenes are nothing but the ordinary for that era of time.

Overall, nothing special but it’s still an interesting glimpse into the 70s era of adult-rated films. Supporting cast include Don Trudeau as grip.

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